Diagnostic Assessment Program

Each patient works closely with a patient navigator who, with our surgeons and the entire health care team, ensures care is coordinated throughout the diagnostic process. The result is timely diagnosis and transition to treatment options.


We help coordinate a number of different tests which could include diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI and image-guided core biopsies and surgical consults.


Patients are referred by their Lakeridge Health surgeon or gastroenterologist. Once referred, your patient is guided by a navigator who will follow them through all their tests, help prepare them for surgery and support their recovery until they are ready to move on to treatment.


Lung and Esophageal

Clinics are located throughout the region in Peterborough, Scarborough and Oshawa. All thoracic surgery is performed at Lakeridge Health in Oshawa.

  • Michael Garron Hospital - Lakeridge Health Thoracic Collaboration

For patients who live in West Durham or Scarborough, this service is offered at Lakeridge Health in partnership with Michael Garron Hospital. 

Depending upon where they live, patients who are referred to the service could be matched with:

Patients are quickly see by thoracic experts who provide coordinated care along the cancer continuum from diagnosis to treatment, within their own community. 



Patients with prostrate-related issues are referred by their family doctor to a urologist for initial consultation.  If a decision is made for further tests, the urologist will refer to the DAU to proceed with a biopsy.

Patients with an elevated PSA can be referred by their family doctor to the DAU directly where they'll be seen by a urologist to determine next steps.