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New Telephone Number for Pinewood Centre and Community Mental Health Services

In August, Lakeridge Health’s Pinewood Centre and Community Mental Health Services will be moving to a single telephone number for its nine locations. The new telephone number will be (905) 721-4747.

The move to a single phone number is part of a new unified communications strategy to connect all Lakeridge Health sites and community locations, providing a stronger, more reliable telecommunications network. The phone number migration begins August 7 and concludes August 20.

When a caller phones the new number, they will be able to reach any of the nine Pinewood Centre and Community Mental Health Services locations. An auto attendant message will provide the following options:

  • To reach our Pinewood 300 Centre Street location, please press 1
  • To reach our Pinewood Oshawa Centre Galleria Mall location, please press 2
  • To reach our Pinewood Centre Bowmanville location, please press 3
  • To reach our Pinewood Centre Port Perry location, please press 4
  • To reach our Pinewood Women’s Residential location, please press 5
  • To reach our Pinewood Centre Ajax location, please press 6
  • To reach our Mental Health ACT Team location, please press 7
  • To reach our Mental Health Whitby Mall location for EPI and AIMHS programs, please press 8
  • To reach our Mental Health Eating Disorders Program, please press 9

From here, each location will have its own greeting and personalized message.

If at any time a caller is having difficulty, he/she can just press zero to reach the Oshawa switchboard. In the event a caller phones one of Lakeridge Health’s five hospital sites, he/she will be able to dial the five-digit extension for the Pinewood Centre or Community Mental Health service. And If an old number is dialed? The caller will hear an automatic message letting them know about the new phone number and to stay on the line to be automatically redirected.

Thank you for your patience as we work on improving our telephone system.

Our Mental Health and Pinewood addictions programs help adults, youth and women work through their challenges with addictions and/or mental health.

We work with people in a caring environment and develop a personal treatment plan, because everyone has their own needs and goals. Treatment plans may include educational and motivational workshops and group sessions that give the tools needed to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Depending on the service, you may stay with us in hospital or at a treatment centre for a period of time, see us regularly at one of our community locations, or have telephone support available to you in your own home. Our program offers a wide variety of programs and services at our Lakeridge Health Oshawa site, our main Pinewood Centre and our many community treatment locations..  

At Lakeridge Health, we are here to support you on your treatment journey.

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