Our Regional Experts

Want to learn more about the latest in cancer care in our community? The Central East Regional Cancer Program has a number of experts available to speak to you and your group about a variety of cancer and health care-related topics.

To arrange a speaker, contact our communications department at 905-576-8711, ext. 34317 or communications@lh.ca

Dr. Jim Chiarotto
Regional Quality Lead for Systemic Treatment

photo of Dr. Jim ChiarottoAs our Regional Quality Lead for Systemic Treatment (Chemotherapy), Dr. Chiarotto's role has a strong focus on improving safety and developing quality initiatives related to the use of chemotherapy.

Dr. Chiarotto works closely with each of the chemotherapy clinics in the LHIN as well other Leads in the province to ensure our patients receive the most effective treatment in the safest way possible. His team includes medical oncologists, nurses, and chemotherapy pharmacists who meet on a regular basis to review and improve our procedures.

Recent efforts have focused on improving the safety and clarity of oral chemotherapy prescriptions. Many of the new treatments are in tablet form requiring close communication between health care teams and community pharmacists. This growing area of cancer treatment will be a constant focus of attention in our LHIN.   Read more... 

Debbie Devitt
Regional Patient Education Lead

photo of Debbie DevittDebbie Devitt is our Regional Lead for Patient Education. She is also the Patient Experience Lead at the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre.

In her regional role, Debbie has developed a patient education framework to help standardize the education we provide to our patients and families. She also works closely with Cancer Care Ontario and care teams in our region to ensure our patients and families receive the information they need in a way that is easy to understand and access during their cancer journey.

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Dr. Gus Dotsikas
Breast and Diagnostic Imaging Lead

photo of Dr. Dotsikas Dr. Gus Dotsikas is the Regional Imaging Lead for the Central East Regional Cancer Program.

Dr. Dotsikas helps ensure our region is meeting Cancer Care Ontario's quality standards for cancer imaging. He also works closely with our regional partners to improve patient access and wait times for our Diagnostic Assessment Programs for lung, breast and colorectal cancers.

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Dr. Medhat El-Mallah
Regional Radiation Clinical Lead

photo of Dr. El-MellahAs our Regional Radiation Clinical Lead, Dr. El-Mallah works on ensuring the alignment of the Central-East and Cancer Care Ontario's quality initiatives in radiation oncology. He works with our partner hospitals to facilitate the provision of radiation treatment as close to home as possible for people in our community.

Dr. El-Mallah also supports the involvement of radiation oncology as part of our Diagnostic Assessment Programs for different disease-sites across the region as well as regional education events for primary care providers.

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Patti Argier 
Regional Psychosocial Oncology Lead

photo of Sari Greenwood As our Regional Psychosocial Oncology Lead, Patti helps us define local and regional opportunities and strategies that focus on a whole-person approach to cancer care.

Patti participates with the Provincial group in the implementation of the Psychosocial Oncology standard of care.

She also helps us collaborate with psychosocial and palliative care teams in our region to identify priority areas of focus and address gaps.  




Dr. Julia Jones
Regional Surgical Oncology Lead

photo of Dr. JonesDr. Julia Jones is our Regional Surgical Oncology Lead.  She is a General Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist working at Lakeridge Health.

Dr. Jones helps us engage and collaborate with other regional surgeons and multidisciplinary team members to promote and implement quality improvement initiatives aligned with Cancer Care Ontario's goals. Our initiatives are shared at regional educational events for surgeons and other physicians which fosters regional communities of practice.

This work includes developing and implementing diagnostic assessment programs for common cancers to improve access to care and continuity of care for our patients.  Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences (MCC) have been implemented across the region to promote consistent, guideline driven, high quality cancer care.      Read more... 

Dr. Hugh Kendall
Regional Colorectal Screening and Gastrointestinal (GI) Endoscopy Lead

photo of Dr. KendallAs our Regional Lead for Colorectal Screening/GI Endoscopy, Dr. Hugh Kendall helps us improve the quality, safety and accessibility of cancer services for colorectal cancer screening and GI Endoscopy.

Working closely with our regional screening team, Dr. Kendall supports cancer screening initiatives while monitoring and supporting endoscopy and colorectal cancer screening quality improvement initiatives in our region.

An active member of Cancer Care Ontario's expert panel on Quality Based Procedures and Quality Management Partnership, Dr. Kendall keeps our region informed about the latest guidelines and standards.   Read more.... 

Dr. Antony Raikhlin 
Regional Breast Imaging Lead

Dr. Antony RaikhlinDr. Antony Raikhlin is the Regional Breast Imaging Lead for the Central East Regional Cancer Program and a highly    recognized radiologist.

 Dr. Raikhlin works closely with our regional screening team   ensuring our region aligns with Cancer Care Ontario's           Breast Imaging Quality Initiatives. His focus is on improving   communication between Cancer Care Ontario, Radiologists   and Primary Care providers.  He also hopes to help to           improve quality of service through education for clinicians.

 Dr. Raikhlin is also working with our screening team to           improve timeliness of diagnostics by developing stronger       links between screening and assessment sites, and increase screening in areas of the LHIN where uptake is currently limited. Read more... 

Dr. Avnish Mehta
Regional Primary Care and Cancer Screening Lead

photo of Dr. Nnorom Dr. Avnish Mehta completed his Doctor of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, and a Family Medicine Residency at the University of Toronto (UofT). He is the Medical Lead for the Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities and Primary Care Sub-region Lead for Scarborough South within the CE LHIN.

Dr. Mehta has a wealth of experience at the local and regional level and across various health sectors in both the community and hospital setting.

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Dr. Jason Pennington
Regional Indigenous Cancer Lead

photo of Dr. PenningtonAs a general surgeon who is also a member of the Huron-Wendat community of Wendake, Dr. Pennington brings a unique perspective to his role as Regional Indigenous Cancer Lead of the Central East Regional Cancer Program.

Dr. Pennington helps us engage and collaborate with primary care providers in addressing the primary care needs of our First Nation, Inuit and Metis (FNIM) communities. He also champions Cancer Care Ontario's Indigenous Cancer Strategy, working to educate and build relationships to ensure a culturally safe patient experience for FNIM people throughout their interactions with the cancer care system. Read more... 

Dr. Ed Osborne
Regional Palliative Care Lead in collaboration with the Central East LHIN

photo of Dr. OsborneDr. Osborne is Regional Palliative Care Lead for the Central East Regional Cancer Program and the Central East Local Health Integration Network.

Dr. Osborne provides leadership across Central East championing both provincial and local strategies for palliative care.

He also provides support to the newly developing Palliative Care Community Teams within Central East, including engagement and support of physicians who provide community palliative care. He also actively participates in the Central East Hospice Palliative Care Network to facilitate regional planning, palliative program development, performance measurement and quality process improvement.    Read more... 

Dr. Nathan Roth
Regional Colposcopy/Cervical Screening Lead

Dr. Roth Dr. Roth is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto. He is the Medical Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology department at Scarborough Hospital Birchmount.

He is the Regional Colposcopy and Cervical Screening Lead for Cancer Care Ontario. He is a past Chair for the Section for Obstetrics and Gynecology of Ontario and Chair of Section of the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is an Advisor for the College and has been asked to review and assess healthcare programs throughout the country.

Dr. Katie O'Reilly 
Regional Pathology Lead

Dr. Katie O'ReillyAs Regional Pathology Lead, Dr. Katie O’Reilly focuses on the screening and diagnostic components of cancer care. Dr. O’Reilly works with specialists and providers to ensure patients are diagnosed or have cancer ruled out accurately and quickly. She brings with her extensive experience facilitating cooperation and best practice between disciplines in a multi-hospital network.

Dr. O’Reilly is currently a General Pathologist at Peterborough Regional Health Centre, and serves as the medical director for Ross Memorial Hospital and Campellford Memorial Hospital. She completed her Doctor of Medicine Degree at the University of Louisiana-New Orleans, her residency in anatomic/clinical pathology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA and Fellowships in Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA.