Performance Reporting

We're always working to deliver quality health care to you and your family, and we're committed to keeping you informed about our performance though regular reporting right here on our website, as well as through provincial and national health system monitoring organizations.

Lakeridge Health 2023/24 Annual Business Plan

Lakeridge Health’s 2023/24 Annual Business Plan (ABP) provides a roadmap for the year ahead. It identifies the areas where we will focus our collective time, talent, energy and resources to make improvements that will have the most positive impact on our patients' care, treatment and outcomes.

The ABP includes the corporate scorecard which is used to monitor and measure our progress on corporate priorities and organizational goals. To read the full ABP, please visit:

Lakeridge Health 2023/24 Annual Business Plan

2023/2024 Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

The Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is an output of the annual business planning process and includes the selection of quality indicators, targets, and change initiatives for improvement for both the acute care and long-term care setting as outlined as a legislated requirement through the Excellent Care for All Act. Starting this year, Lakeridge Health will be submitting a joint QIP including both the hospital and long-term care services.

The indicators for the 23/24 QIP are:

  • Workplace violence incidents.
  • Medication reconciliation at discharge.
  • Median Emergency Department (ED) length of stay for admitted patients.
  • Percentage of potentially avoidable ED visits for long-term care residents.
  • Documented assessment of palliative care needs among residents identified to benefit from palliative care.
  • Percentage of long-term care home residents not living with psychosis who were given antipsychotic medications.

The detailed narrative and work plan documents for the hospital QIP indicators are included below.



Provincial Wait Times (Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging & Emergency Department)

Lakeridge Health reports performance against a number of wait time measures to Ontario Health via Health Quality Ontario (HQO) & Access to Care (ATC). These measures demonstrate how Lakeridge is performing with respect to wait times for surgeries and procedures, diagnostic imaging tests (MRI & CT) and the time spent in emergency departments. 

National Health System Performance

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) produces a national tool for reporting on the performance of the Canadian health system & the health of Canadians.  The health system is measured across five themes:  Access, Quality of Care, Spending, Health Promotion & Disease Prevention, Health Outcomes.

Information is available for Lakeridge Health, as well as other hospitals, regional health areas, provinces and at a national level. 

CIHI: Your Health System

Safety & Infection Reports