Our Leadership

The Central East Regional Cancer Program is led by a team which includes a Regional Vice President, Regional Director and clinicians who have taken on the role of Regional Clinical Leads in different areas of cancer care.

Regional Clinical Leads work closely with our partner hospitals to ensure cancer care in our community is aligned with Ontario Health - Cancer Care Ontario's goals, standards and best practice guidelines. They also promote collaboration within the region, and work toward improvements in the quality and coordination of cancer care.

Regional Vice President 

Kirsten Burgomaster

Clinical Director, R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre, Regional Director (Interim), Central East Regional Cancer Program

Patti Marchand

Regional Clinical Leads
  • Patti Argier, Psychosocial Oncology Lead 
  • Debbie Devitt, Patient Education Lead
  • Dr. Julia Jones, Surgical Oncology Lead
  • Dr. Hugh Kendall, Colorectal Screening/GI Endoscopy Lead
  • Darrilyn Lessels, Nursing Lead 
  • Dr. Rebecca Wray, Primary Care and Cancer Screening Lead
  • Indigenous Cancer Lead-Vacant
  • Dr. Nathan Roth, Cervical Screening/Colposcopy Lead 
  • Dr. Rola Shaheen, Regional Breast and Cancer Imaging Lead

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