Our Performance

surgeon performing surgerychemotherapy staff at The Scarborough Hospital

The Central East Regional Cancer Program is one of the top regional cancer programs in the Province. We oversee the performance and quality of cancer services across the region through evidence-based, standardized care as defined by Cancer Care Ontario.

Our progress in meeting provincial targets for wait times, access to care, screening rates, timely access to diagnosis and other quality indicators is monitored regularly.

Quality Measures

The Cancer System Quality Index (CSQI) is a web-based report published by the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario, which tracks Ontario's progress towards better outcomes in cancer care.

See how Central East Region measures up in the latest CSQI.

Wait Times

Cancer Care Ontario monitors and manages wait time performance for radiation, systemic treatment (chemotherapy) and cancer surgery for regional cancer programs in Ontario.

See our most recent wait times.


In photo above: A surgical team at Scarborough Health Network.