patient finishing cancer treatment

Adults living without evidence of disease after primary, curative treatment for any stage of cancer are identified as survivors. (Cancer Care Ontario, Models of Care for Survivorship, 2012)

As patients finish their cancer treatment, they often have questions about their future. This is a time of change for the person as they adjust to a new normal. After cancer treatment, people often find themselves facing many different challenges caused by the disease or its treatment. Patients need help adapting to a variety of physical and emotional issues throughout their cancer journey and this includes transitioning out of active treatment back to primary care.

We encourage patients to follow up with their primary care provider after their cancer treatment. Some may require follow-up care depending on their type of cancer. Follow-up care involves regular medical check-ups with a primary care provider and is important to identify changes in health, recurrence and metastasis.

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In photo above: a patient celebrates with a nurse after finishing her last systemic treatment at the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Program.