Referral Forms

Lakeridge Health is expanding the use of eReferrals for our services. The Ocean eReferral Network simplifies secure referrals to common hospital services.

While we transition to eReferrals at Lakeridge Health, many of our programs and services have downloadable PDF referral forms. 

PDF referral forms are available here.


Ambulatory Rehabilitation Centres

Amputee Clinic - Oshawa Community Location

Speech Language Pathology Dysphagia Clinic - Whitby Hospital

Neurological Rehab Clinic - Whitby Hospital

Outpatient Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy - Ajax Pickering Hospital

Outpatient Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy – Oshawa Community Location

Outpatient Hand Therapy - Whitby Hospital

Outpatient Respiratory Rehabilitation - Whitby Hospital

Cardiac Care

Cardiac Diagnostics - Ajax Pickering Hospital

Lakeridge Health Cardiac Diagnostics - Oshawa Hospital 

Diabetes and Nephrology

Lakeridge Health Nephrology Clinic - Ajax Pickering Hospital

Lakeridge Health Nephrologist Clinic – Whitby Hospital

Lakeridge Health Diabetes Education Program - Ajax Pickering Community Location

Lakeridge Health Diabetes Education Program - Bowmanville Hospital

Lakeridge Health Diabetes Education Program - Whitby Hospital

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging – Ajax Pickering Hospital

Diagnostic Imaging – Bowmanville Hospital

Diagnostic Imaging – Oshawa Hospital

Diagnostic Imaging – Port Perry Hospital

Fracture Clinic

Lakeridge Health Fracture Clinic - Oshawa Hospital

Healthy Aging

Lakeridge Health GAIN Program – Oshawa Hospital


Endocrinology Clinic - Ajax Pickering Hospital

General Internal Medicine Clinic - Ajax Pickering Hospital

Infectious Disease Clinic - Ajax Pickering Hospital

Infectious Disease Clinic – Oshawa Hospital

Neurology Clinic - Ajax Pickering Hospital

Tuberculosis Clinic - Ajax Pickering Hospital

Mental Health

Physician Referral

Self Referral


EMG Clinic - Ajax Pickering Hospital


Gynecologic Oncology Diagnostic Assessment Program (DAP)

Thoracic Diagnostic Assessment Program (DAP)

Positive Care Clinic

Lakeridge Health Positive Care Clinic - Whitby Hospital

Stroke Services

Neurological Rehab Clinic - Whitby Hospital

Lakeridge Health Stroke Prevention Clinic - Oshawa Hospital


Central East Regional Central Intake Rapid Access Clinic for Low Back Pain

FIT+ Central Intake

Rapid Access Clinic (RAC) Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis - Ajax Pickering Hospital

Rapid Access Clinic (RAC) Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis - Oshawa Hospital

Women's and Children's Program

Babies Clinic - Ajax Pickering Hospital 
Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) - Oshawa Hospital 
Feeding and Swallowing Clinic - Oshawa Hospital 
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Diagnostic Clinic - Oshawa Hospital 
Follow-Up Neonatal (FUNN) Clinic - Oshawa Hospital 
Paediatric Acute Referral Clinic (PARC) - Oshawa Hospital 
Paediatric Outpatient Clinic (POCP) - Ajax Pickering Hospital 

Women's Health

Colposcopy - Ajax Pickering Hospital

Colposcopy - Oshawa Hospital


Lakeridge Health Referral Tools

To help integrate our network with community providers, we use two complementary platforms: Ocean eReferral and EpicCare Link. 

Ocean eReferral 

  • eReferral platform offered through the Provincial eServices Program, currently funded by Ontario Health
  • Directory of referral destinations in the community and hospitals, with eReferral forms supporting a wide range of services
  • Integrates with Accuro, TELUS PS Suite, and OSCAR Pro to launch auto-populated referrals directly from the patient chart in your EMR
  • Ocean eReferral can also be accessed directly on the web at
  • Simplified communication and tracking between primary care providers, specialists and patients

Learn more here.

EpicCare Link

  • Web-based provider portal for the Central East Hospital Cluster (CEHC)’s shared clinical information system on the Epic platform — which went live in December 2021 at hospitals across the region, including Lakeridge Health 
  • Access to documentation in patient’s acute care chart
  • Follow progress of patients in hospital
  • eReferral for hospital services only (clinics, diagnostic imaging, etc.)
  • Exchange messages to/from hospital

Learn more here.

How to Register

Sign up for Ocean eReferral as a provider

Community providers and providers affiliated with Lakeridge Health who are interested in being onboarded to Ocean, can register by completing our online form.

For additional information or to request a demo of Ocean eReferral, please email your Ontario Health East Deployment Team at:

Register here.

Sign up for EpicCare Link as a CEHC provider

If you are a provider within the Central East Hospital Cluster (CEHC) and are interested in onboarding to CEHC EpicCare Link, please visit the “New Account Request” page.

Register here.