The time from when a person suspects they might have cancer to when cancer is ruled out or diagnosed is often stressful and frustrating for patients and their caregivers.

Ontario's regional cancer programs have put in place a Diagnostic Assessment Program for breast, colorectal, lung and prostate cancers to help patients and providers navigate this challenging time.

Diagnostic Pathways

Diagnostic Pathways are flowcharts to be used for informational purposes that show a high-level overview of the care a cancer patient in Ontario may receive. Pathways focus on one type of cancer, during a specific phase of the cancer journey, with the understanding that the patient journey differs from one cancer to another. The pathways are intended to serve as a resource for cancer system and medical community stakeholders, including health care providers and administrators.

Pathways are developed based on evidence from local, national and international clinical practice guidelines.

CCO has currently developed three Diagnostic Pathways, with more disease sites being added in the future.

Treatment Pathways have also been developed for various disease sites. Visit the Treatment section to view these pathways.