Visiting Us

Last reviewed: January 2, 2024

Appointments at the Durham Regional Cancer Centre (DRCC)  

Being told you have cancer may make you feel worried and scared. We understand your first visit to the DRCC can also make you feel this way. There is a lot to learn when you first get started with your cancer care and treatment. Your questions and concerns are important to us. You will meet many members of your healthcare team.  You are the most important member of this team. We encourage you and your family member/partner-in-care to be involved in your care.  For more information about care and treatment, read the Your Guide to the Durham Regional Cancer Centre booklet. 

Before coming to any appointment in the cancer centre

Call your primary nurse before you leave home to come to any appointment in the cancer centre if:

  • You have COVID-19
  • You feel unwell or have any symptom of COVID-19
  • You have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19
  • You live with a person who has a symptom of COVID-19

Your appointments 

  1. We may plan some of your appointments as a telephone or video appointment. 
  2. We may need to reschedule some of your appointments. 
  3. We may ask you to have bloodwork at a community lab instead of in the cancer centre. We will give you a handout about this if it applies to you.  
  4. You can complete e-check in on MyChart.  This allows you to complete the Your Symptoms Matter questionnaire and the COVID-19 screening questions before you come to the cancer centre. You still need to check-in at a computer when you arrive. This lets your healthcare team know you are in the cancer centre. Read our What You Need to Know About MyChart handout for more information. 

Visitor restrictions

Lakeridge Health, and the Durham Regional Cancer Centre continue to restrict visitors in the hospital. This includes your family members/partners-in-care. 

You may bring one (1) family member/partner-in-care with you to appointments if you need their support.  Your family member/partner-in-care needs to:

  • Review and pass the COVID-19 screening questions posted at the entrance of the hospital.  
  • Wear a medical mask that completely covers their nose and mouth at all times. Removal of this mask to eat and drink can only happen in the hospital food court.
  • Use hand sanitizer/wash their hands often. 

We may need to restrict the number of family members/partners-in-care in some areas of the cancer centre where space is limited.  We need to make sure we can safely provide care and treatment to all patients.  

Coming to your appointments
  1. Complete e-check in on MyChart before you leave home.  This allows you to complete the Your Symptoms Matter questionnaire and the COVID-19 screening questions before you come to the cancer centre. You can complete these questionnaires at a cancer centre computer if you do not have a MyChart account. 
  2. Wear a medical mask at all times. Your mask must completely cover your nose and mouth. 
  3. Check-in at one of the cancer centre computers before you take a seat in the waiting room . This lets your healthcare team know you are in the cancer centre. 

Helpful information

Parking at the Durham Regional Cancer Centre

Parking is available:

  • On the north side of the hospital on Hospital Court
  • On the south side of the hospital at the end of Parkwood Court

Bring the ticket you get from the machine when you enter the parking garage with you into the hospital. You will need to pay a fee before you leave the parking garage. Payment can only be made by credit or debit card. Pay stations are located in the main lobby of the hospital and in the parking garages. If you are coming to the cancer centre for regular appointments, buying a 5, 10, or 30 exit pass will save you money on the daily parking rate. You may also want to call the Parking Office to ask about a monthly parking pass. 

You can call the Parking Office at 905-576-8711 or 1-866-338-1778 at extension 33707.

If you are unable to walk from the parking garage, your driver can drop you off at the fron of the Cancer Centre on Parkwood Court (south side of the hospital).

You may be able to claim your parking and transportation costs as a medical expense on your taxes.  

Finding the Durham Regional Cancer Centre

If you parked in the south garage on Parkwood Court, continue along Parkwood Court until you reach the third entrance. This is the entrance to the cancer centre.

If you parked on Hospital Court, enter the hospital through the revolving doors and follow the hallway into the main lobby (retail food court/Tim Horton's area). Continue past the escalators and turn left in the next hallway. Continue through the set of double doors into C-Wing. This is the main floor of the cancer centre.