Your Sexual Health

Cancer and cancer treatments can affect your relationships, body image and intimacy.  It may change the way you feel about sex. It is also common to have fears and worries that may affect your relationships with others. This can cause changes in your stress level and emotions.

What you can do to help:

  • Talk to a member of your healthcare team about your fears and worries.
  • Talk to your family and friends about your fears and worries.
  • Ask a member of your healthcare team about community programs that can help support you such as Hearth Place, Canadian Cancer Society, and the Look Good Feel Better Program. 
  • Keep a daily journal throughout your treatment.


Patient education resources available online

Canadian Breast Cancer Network

Canadian Cancer Society

Cancer Care Ontario

Canadian Urological Association

Durham Regional Cancer Centre

Fertile Future

Pelvic Health Solutions

Support groups and education programs in your community

Finding Sex Therapy and Counselling Supports


Please talk to a member of your healthcare team if you have questions or do not understand any of the information in your handouts.