Cancer Centre Pharmacy

The Durham Regional Cancer Centre has a specialized oncology pharmacy. 

The Cancer Centre Pharmacy is located next to the Systemic Therapy Suite on the main level of the cancer centre. Our pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and drug access facilitators are part of your healthcare team in the cancer centre. This healthcare team has expertise in your cancer care and treatments.  

We recommend you fill the prescriptions for your treatment medications at the cancer centre pharmacy because we specialize in:

  • Preparing your systemic therapy treatment medications. 
  • Preparing you for your cancer treatment.
  • Making expensive or hard to find treatment medications available to you if needed.
  • Helping you find coverage options for treatment medications prescribed for you.
  • Working together with your oncologist to plan your cancer treatment.

Your Cancer Centre Pharmacy Team

Our Pharmacist will: 

  • Provide you with information about your medications such as: 
    • What they are used for
    • How to take them correctly
    • How to prevent and manage side effects
  • Answer questions about your medications or their side effects
  • Review your cancer treatment plan to safely prepare the medications ordered by your oncologist
  • Communicate directly with your oncologist at any time
  • Review the list of medications you are taking to check for possible drug interactions 
  • Be available to meet with you while you are in the cancer centre
  • Be available to talk with you by phone 
  • Communicate with your community pharmacist if needed

Our Pharmacy Technicians:

  • Prepare your systemic therapy treatment medications

Our Drug Access Facilitators:

  • Help you review your private insurance coverage for cancer treatment medications.
  • Help you find options that may cover the cost of your medications if you don't have private insurance 

How to contact the Cancer Centre Pharmacy Team 

  • Ask a member of your healthcare team to contact the Pharmacy Team while you are in the cancer centre.
  • Call the Pharmacist at 905-743-6900.
  • Call the Drug Access Facilitator at 905-576-8711 / 1-866-338-1778 extension 32837.

Cancer Centre Pharmacy hours 

We are open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  We are closed on weekends and holidays.