Systemic Treatment

a patient having chemotherapy at Rouge Valley Health

Systemic treatment clinics in Central East Region often see more than 3,000 visits per month. Systemic treatments affect the whole body. They include chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and supportive care treatment. These can be taken by pill (orally), by injection, or intravenously (IV).

Medical oncologists, haematologists, pharmacists and oncology nurses work closely together to ensure the safe administration of chemotherapy at these five hospitals:


Standards and guidelines are strictly following across the region. Each treatment clinic has implemented a Systemic Therapy Computerized Prescriber Order Entry System (ST CPOE) to ensure best practice guidelines are followed, improving the safe delivery of chemotherapy - one of the most complex processes in patient care.


Resources for Health Care Providers:

  • Cancer Care Ontario Drug Formulary - An information-only resource for Ontario cancer drug and regimen monographs and symptom management information. Information for patients is also available.


In photo above: A patient and nurse in the systemic treatment area at Rouge Valley Health, Centenary Hospital.