Surgical Oncology

thoracic surgeons at Lakeridge Health Oshawa

With more than 4,000 procedures performed each year in Central East Region, surgery is key in the treatment of cancer.

Surgical teams work closely with oncology and diagnostic teams in our region to ensure the safe and timely delivery of cancer surgery at these community hospitals in the Central East Regional Cancer Program:


For more common cancers, patients receive access to the same high quality surgical services right here in their own community. Other rare cancers may require specialized treatment at a tertiary cancer care centre.

Our surgical oncology teams are always working with cancer experts to bring more and more services close to home.

Resources for Health Care Providers:

Multidisciplinary Case Conferences

Multidisciplinary Case Conferences (MCCs) are regularly scheduled meetings where representatives from surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, nursing, pathology and diagnostic imaging discuss all appropriate diagnostic tests and suitable treatment options for an individual cancer patient.

MCCS are held regularly for every disease site in which more than 35 cases are treated and ensure consistent quality care in accordance with the current standards from Cancer Care Ontario.


In photo above: Thoracic surgeons Dr. John Dickie, Shannon Trainer and Herbert Marcus with the Central East Regional Thoracic Program.