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Welcome to the Paramedic Programs reference page. This page will allow you to navigate your way through: our Policy manual; the medical directives; past and present CMEs; past and present Self-study packages and QA/CQI pages.

In the policy manual and ACP/PCP directives links on the left you will find printer friendly versions of relevant documents. You will also find condensed versions of the medical directives, dosing charts and answers to frequently asked questions. Through the CME link you will be able to access not only past content and quizzes and the answers, but also the current outline and relevant printed matter. The Self-study link will take you to our distance education projects and assignments. With the QA/CQI link you will be able to access information on our annual reports, call stats and more.

Check back frequently for new updates.

CME Fall 2016

CME Spring 2016:


ALS PCS version 3.3 'Go Live' Dates by service are listed in the following memos.  Please click on the memo for your service for important information regarding the implementation of the new directives:

Opioid Toxicity Medical Directive Memos:


 ALSPCS Go Live Memos:


Please go to the ACP & PCP Directives tab or click here to see updates and resources to go along with this release.


Other Memos: