Complex Continuing Care

Sometimes people have complex health problems that require ongoing support in hospital. We will work with you and your family to create a plan of care that meets your individual needs.

Complex Continuing Care is offered at our Bowmanville and Whitby sites with a few beds at our Oshawa site.

Admission - What Can You Expect:

  • When a bed becomes available, you will be transferred to the unit, sometimes with less than a few hours' notice
  • Your transportation will be arranged for you through a transportation service and you may be accompanied by a family member or friend.
  • You will be transferred to the first available bed on the unit that meets your needs.
  • Patients with semi-private or private room insurance room coverage will be admitted accordingly depending upon room availability.

During Your Stay:

  • You will have regular visits from a family physician and/or Nurse Practitioner
  • There will be opportunities for socialization, recreation and spiritual involvement and we hope you and your family will feel encouraged to take part in them.
  • Your loved ones, when they visit, are also encouraged to lend a hand with tasks such as helping with meals if possible.
  • We have a recreation room that is available for family get-togethers and special occasions. You can book it in advance by contacting our staff.
  • With your physician's approval, you may arrange to have a 72-hour pass that allows you to leave the unit temporarily to visit home or family. We ask that you make your plans 24 hours in advance to help us prepare for any medications or special needs you may have.

Release from Hospital:

Should your care needs change and you no longer need our help, our team will work with you and your family to determine the most appropriate next steps for you.



At Lakeridge Health Bowmanville from the main entrance, enter through the main lobby past the volunteer kiosk into the next hallway. Turn left into the hallway and continue towards the elevators. Take the A elevators to the first floor. The Complex Continuing Care Unit will be to your left as you exit the elevator.


At Lakeridge Health Whitby, from the visitor (north) entrance, enter through the visitors entrance and continue down the hallway, past the security desk to the elevators on your left. Take the elevators to the fourth floor. The team centre for Complex Continuing Care Unit will be to the left of the elevators.