Approximately 40,000 people in Durham Region live with diabetes. It's a serious illness but if managed correctly, people who have it can live full and happy lives.

We work closely with adults, giving them the information and resources they need to manage their health and live well with diabetes. In addition to providing diabetes education, we are also the site of one of three Centres for Complex Diabetes Care in the Central East LHIN.

Diabetes Education Program

We provide individual assessment and nutrition counselling, insulin and blood glucose meter instruction, and other group education sessions related to talking about diabetes and making lifestyle changes. We also offer community based-programming in the form of our FREE Diabetes Support Groups. The groups provide support, motivation and information on how to live healthy with diabetes. Learn more about the Diabetes Education Program...

Centre for Complex Diabetes Care

Approximately 15 per cent of all diabetes patients have complex health issues and require intensive services for a short period to stabilize their health. The Center for Complex Diabetes Care helps manage this very unique group of individuals. Learn more about the Centre for Complex Diabetes Care...