Screening Activity Report

The Screening Activity Report (SAR) provides physicians with a comprehensive view of patients' screening history for all three cancer programs - on a monthly basis.

The SAR web-based tool was created by Cancer Care Ontario for primary care providers to provide up-to-date information regarding their patient group's cancer screening status. Currently, it is only available for patient enrollment model primary care providers and their delegates.

Accessing the SAR with ONE ® ID

Physicians will be able to log in and securely access their electronic SAR using their eHealth Ontario ONE®ID account. This will ensure safe and secure access for physicians as they review their patients' personal health information.

To log into the SAR, keep up to date with current news and information, visit the Cancer Care Ontario website.

ONE® ID is part of a province-wide electronic health strategy to reduce the number of IDs and passwords a user must manage and remember to access services. In the future, a growing number of provincial data sources and reports may be accessible using ONE® ID.

To register for a ONE® ID account, contact the Prevention and Cancer Screening Program:

Telephone: 1-855-721-4812