Our Priorities

nurse and patient at the Scarborough Hospital

We're always looking for ways to improve the care we provide to our families with cancer. Here are some of the key priorities of focus for the Central East Regional Cancer Program for this year:

  • Development of a Central East Regional Strategic Plan - a written document that highlights the delivery of cancer services throughout the region and is aligned with the goals of the Ontario Cancer Plan IV as defined by Cancer Care Ontario.
  • Further develop Central East Regional Cancer Program Scorecard - to include indicators and targets that represent data from both the regional cancer centre and other cancer services at our partner hospitals. It will also include prioritizing specific indicators where there is significant opportunity for improvement such as:
    • Cancer screening rates
    • Multidisciplinary case conferences compliance - Multidisciplinary Case Conferences (MCCs) are regularly scheduled meetings where representatives from surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, nursing, pathology and diagnostic imaging discuss all appropriate diagnostic tests and suitable treatment options for an individual cancer patient.
    • Wait times
    • Patient Experience - satisfaction with communication and transitions


In photo above: A nurse and patient in the systemic treatment suite at The Scarborough Hospital.