Your Room

nurse standing over a patient in a bed

If you are staying with us, you will have a private room or a shared room (semi-private or ward). We will match you with your preferred room type, as long as there is one available.

While there are slight variations from room to room, below are some of the common features you will find when you stay with us.

Your Bed

Your bed is specifically designed with features to help us care for you. It can be raised or lowered, has wheels for easy movement and has side rails for protection.


Some of our hospital rooms are equipped with a lift to help you get in and out of bed.


If your room has a private washroom, please remember that it is for patient use only. This is very important for infection control reasons. Your visitors should use the unit’s guest washroom.


You will be able to watch the patient information channel from your in-room television. You can also order additional channels.

Infection Control

Your room will be cleaned by a service associate. Please make sure you do not have personal items covering up the surfaces of your room, as these will make it difficult for the service associate to thoroughly clean your room.