Mental Health Day Treatment Program

This service is available at our Ajax Pickering and Oshawa Locations.

The Mental Health Day Treatment Program provides triage, assessment, orientation and intensive group treatment for adults 18 and over who have experienced significant psychiatric difficulties and related disruptions in their social, occupational and family relationships. The program is time-limited and is intended for those transitioning from the Inpatient Mental Health Program or who have recently received treatment from the Crisis Intervention Team.

A specialized team provides treatment in a group setting and explore themes such as coping with anxiety and depression, stress management, communication, self-esteem and relationship issues. Discharge planning focuses on preventing relapse and maintaining gains and referral to community services if additional treatment is required.


Ajax Pickering - 905-683-2320 ext. 13275
Ajax Day Program Referral

Oshawa - 905-576-8711 ext. 34144
Oshawa MHDT Referral


Ajax Pickering - Day treatment is located in a separate small brick building at the south east portion of the property, near the east entrance. 

Oshawa - From Hospital Court, enter through the main lobby and continue past the food court to the A-wing hallway, located just passed the lobby escalators. Follow the hallway to A-wing elevators (the first set of elevators on your left) and take them to the fourth floor. When you exit the elevator, the reception area will be in front of you.