Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT)

This unique, community-based mental health program provides direct treatment, rehabilitation and support services to adults with severe and persistent mental illness. The program consists of  a multidisciplinary team of staff members who have training and experience in psychiatry, nursing, social work, occupational therapy, substance-abuse treatment, vocational rehabilitation and peer support.  The ACT team goes into the community to serve clients, meeting with them in their own environment where they feel comfortable. This could be in their homes, a coffee shop, or even in a park. 

For many patients suffering from illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, leaving their homes to go to an appointment can be a challenge, which is why the majority of ACTT's services are provided within the community. In addition, the ACT team provides services to adults who have not otherwise been successful with office-based services or have had extensive hospital stays. Through this program, clients learn important day-to-day functions, such as maintaining personal hygiene, finding employment or managing finances. 

Lakeridge Health offers ACTT services to residents of west Durham.

Making a referral 

Health-care providers and patients can:

  • Call: 905-440-7534 (or toll-free at 1-833-392-7363).
Please click here to access PDF referral forms. Please note that PDF referral forms are in the process of being phased out and you are strongly encouraged to use the links in the list above.

Contact Information 

For more information on ACTT services, please call 905-721-4747 ext. 7 or our toll free number at 1-888-881-8878.