Children's Holiday Wishlist

During the holiday season, Lakeridge Health feels the generosity of our community. Our Paediatric department is lucky to have so many wonderful visitors who come bearing gifts for our young patients, from preemie babies to teenagers.

While we appreciate every donation that comes our way, we'd like to share our holiday wishlist: 

  • New and packaged Barbie dolls, baby dolls, rubber Tonka trucks, Hot Wheels, superhero action figures, doctor kits, small cars/ trucks and Lego

  • New and packaged toys with themes like: Dora the Explorer, Minions, Monster High, Little People, Littlest Pet Shop, Frozen and Princess         

  • New baby toys
  • Crayon Colour Wonder sets

  • Colouring books for all ages, sketch pads, crayons, pencil crayons and fat crayons for the younger patients
  • Stickers
  • Decks of cards
  • Fun Band-Aids for boys and girls

  • New, unused infant sleepers (up to 18 months) and receiving blankets

  • Nintendo DS systems and games

  • Portable DVD players

  • New DVDs of recent children's and family films

  • Tablets and iPads

  • Gift cards (i.e. electronics stores, Walmart/Target, Toys R Us, etc.)

Due to infection control and safety measures, we must discourage the following items:

  • Knitted clothing and items
  • Stuffed toys

  • Paint
  • Board games and puzzles

We are unable to accept toy weapons.

Pile of presents