Youth Addiction Services

Young people aged 13 - 18 years of age are often uncertain about whether they have developed a substance abuse problem, and are frequently referred to our Pinewood Addiction Services by parents, teachers, probation officers and other health care professionals.

We have individual and group-based services to help them work towards a specific treatment goal or towards reduction or abstinence in their substance use. Our programs include:


The Dawn program is a four-session, six-hour early intervention group for young people who have not yet set a substance use goal. The program provides education and motivation in a non-threatening manner to help teens develop goals for their substance use.

Through group and individual counselling, teens are encouraged to reflect upon their present situation by openly discussing their patterns of substance use, considering the consequences and concerns of their usage and determine the need for change.

Youth Case Management

Youth case management group participants are encouraged to explore their substance use and address the feelings they have regarding changing their use. Topics such as dealing with cravings to use, alternatives to substance use, costs and benefits of use, and goal setting are addressed through individual and group exercises and discussions.

Drop-in Program

A drop-in program for Pinewood teens helps to get them involved in activities and away from the temptation to use drugs. The relaxed group environment helps them to express issues and concerns.

Parents of Substance Using Youth

Parents of Substance Abusing Youth is an 8 session, 2-hour group for parents who are concerned about their child's substance use. This service provides education about substance abuse and dependence, specialized parenting techniques, and peer support.


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