Site Selection Process for a Proposed New Hospital

Site Selection process for a  proposed new hospital

Building a ‘Health Care System of the Future’ in Durham Region

Lakeridge Health has resumed planning on its commitment to build a strong and integrated regional health care system of the future for the communities of Durham.

The proposed development of a new hospital in Durham Region is a major component of Lakeridge Health’s Master Plan, which serves as a roadmap for the future of health care delivery in Durham Region. Based on demand evidence and growth projections, Lakeridge Health is planning for inpatient bed growth of almost 1,000 beds to meet projected demand over the next 25 years. Anchoring this plan are recommended key capital investments and upgrades, including the expansion and redevelopment of Bowmanville Hospital and the new hospital.

Lakeridge Health’s Board of Trustees has determined that an important step forward is launching the process to identify and protect a site for a proposed new hospital. This process will be facilitated by an Independent Expert Panel and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

What is the Independent Expert Panel?

Protecting a site for a proposed new hospital needs to be an independent and transparent process. To accomplish this, an Independent Expert Panel will lead the process. The Independent Expert Panel is made up of health care and real estate development professionals with no employment, residency, or financial ties to Durham Region and were selected based on skillsets that the Board’s Site Selection Committee approved.

The Independent Expert Panel will be responsible for all aspects of the site selection process, including establishing criteria to evaluate each site that is brought forward from interested members of the community. After evaluating all site proposals against these criteria, the Panel will make a recommendation for the preferred site to the Board of Trustees, who will then make a recommendation to the Minister of Health on which site to protect for future hospital use.

Members of the Independent Expert Panel

Expert Panel Chair

Altaf Stationwala – President & CEO, Mackenzie Health

Altaf has held numerous leadership positions at health care facilities including Mackenzie Health, Mount Sinai Hospital, Brampton Civic Hospital, and William Osler Health Centre. He is the past Chair of the Ontario Hospital Association and brings a wealth of knowledge about the province’s health care sector to the Panel. As Chair, Altaf will be responsible for overseeing the Panel’s work and his experience in recently developing a new hospital will be key.

Hospital CEO & Health Care Leaders

Janice Skot – President & CEO, Royal Victoria Hospital

Janice is an experienced health care professional as current President & CEO of Royal Victoria Hospital and past CEO at Laurentian Hospital and Northeastern Ontario Regional Cancer Centre. Janice will support the Panel with her expertise in patient-centered care and will bring an important lens to how to define and drive culture to achieve strategic results.

Dr. Jack Kitts – Former President & CEO, The Ottawa Hospital

Dr. Kitts was President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital since 2002 before his retirement in June 2020. He is a sought-after health care leader and known nationally for his focus and expertise in patient experience and performance measurement, and physician engagement. Dr. Kitts’ perspective will be vital as the Panel looks at identifying a site that will best support all the communities across Durham Region.

Helena Hutton – retired – a Registered Nurse by profession – former Executive Vice President, Southlake Regional Health Centre 

Helena is a Senior Executive with a broad range of career experiences and 35 years of experience in the health care sector. Prior to her retirement in 2020, she was the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President – Clinical Programs at Southlake Regional Health Centre. Helena concurrently held the position of Regional Vice President, Central Cancer Program with Ontario Health/Cancer Care Ontario and will bring this in-depth clinical expertise to the Panel.

Health Care Development

Paul Clarry – President, Paul Clarry Health Care Infrastructure Planning – former Vice President, Planning, Facilities, and Support Services, North York General Hospital 

Paul has significant expertise in healthcare infrastructure as President of Paul Clarry HealthCare Infrastructure Planning Inc. He has over 35 years of hospital and public sector experience and has held leadership positions at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Southlake Regional Health Centre, and the Ontario Hospital Association. This infrastructure experience will be invaluable as the Panel reviews all potential sites for the proposed future hospital.

Real Estate Development

Gary Whitelaw – Former CEO of Bental Green Oak 

Gary has over three decades of experience in all aspects of real estate and investment, financial management, governance and environmental sustainability, construction, and more. Prior to retirement, he was the CEO of BentallGreenOak for 22 years. Gary’s expertise in these fields will support the Panel’s comprehensive site selection process.

Executive Lead

Scott McLeod – Former CEO, Central West Local Health Integration Network 

Scott was previously the CEO of Central West Local Health Integration Network and has held leadership positions at Trillium Health Centre, Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network, Agnew Peckham, and Halton Peel District Health Council. Scott is well-positioned to provide expertise on the integration and transformation of healthcare, executive leadership, board governance, and strategy and execution. As Executive Lead, Scott will focus on consultation and engagement with the community, elected officials, and landowners during the process. The Executive Lead will also keep Lakeridge Health’s senior management team and Board informed throughout the review.

Fairness Advisor

A Fairness Advisor will also be appointed to make sure the review process is transparent and fully independent. The RFP for a Fairness Advisor was released May 27, 2021, and selection should be finalized in late June.

How to Participate

Listening to the community is an important part of this process. Stay tuned for updates on the process and opportunities to provide input on the site selection criteria.

At anytime throughout this process, we encourage you to provide your thoughts on selecting an appropriate site for a new hospital at

News Releases

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