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External Recruitment Application

The purpose of the Recruitment Application is to provide a mechanism for external researchers to submit their research advertisements (i.e. recruitment posters, brochures etc.) to the LH REB for approval. The material(s) should provide general information about the study with direction to contact the external research team for further details. The process is not intended to target or actively recruit specific individuals/populations at Lakeridge Health; it is simply to leave the information and "hope for the best".


If, on the other hand, an individual at Lakeridge Health considers the inclusion/exclusion criteria and identifies potential participants (whether he/she is the one to introduce the study or not), this constitutes research activity that requires full REB approval. Of course, any additional study activity conducted at Lakeridge Health would also fall into this category.


External Recruitment Application Form

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External Recruitment Amendment Form

External Recruitment Annual Renewal Form

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​Request for Consideration Application

If you need to determine if your study is considered research you will need to submit, a "Request for Consideration" form via email to the Research Liaison. Upon receipt the Request for Consideration form will be reviewed by the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Lakeridge Health Research Ethics Board and are not subject to Board meeting dates.

Request for Consideration Application Form


Ongoing Review

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​Annual Renewals

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​Closed to Accrual and Study Closures

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