Confirmed Students and Medical Trainees

Before You Start

The Academic Affairs office will work with your academic program to ensure you are able to provide the following:

  • Up to date documentation around your immunization/communicable disease status/medical clearance
  • Valid liability and accident insurance.
  • Completion of all mandatory health and safety education required of all students.
  • Respirator Fit Testing to be completed at Lakeridge Health by Occupational Health Department.

If the above has not been confirmed, your placement will not move forward. 

General Information

Student Injuries/Illnesses
If you sustain an injury during the course of your practicum, report the incident to your preceptor immediately and to your faculty consultant within 24 hours of the incident. Contact Occupational Health for assessment and visit the Emergency Department if necessary.

ID Badge
All students and medical trainees are required to wear a photo ID badge indicating your "student/medical trainee" status. Medical trainees must wear a Lakeridge Health ID badge. Students must wear their school ID badge unless a Lakeridge Health badge is deemed necessary by their department/unit. Lakeridge Health badges are property of Lakeridge Health and must be returned to the Security/Photo ID office on the last day of practicum.

Parking at Lakeridge Health Ajax Pickering is $44.50/month or $20/day and can be purchased at the security office by debit or credit only.

Parking at all other Lakeridge Health sites is $31/month and can be purchased at the standard parking office.

Obtain a parking stub, park, and take the parking stub to the Parking Office and you will be provided with a student pass.

Medical Clearance
Practicum students are required to provide their schools with proof of tuberculosis and a record of immunizations/communicable disease status (with respect to diphtheria, tetanus, polio, varicella, rubella, measles, hepatitis B, and influenza). It is the school's responsibility for the health record maintenance, immunizations, and follow-up of their students. It is expected that this requirement is met prior to the practicum start date.

Respirator (Mask) Fit Testing
Students who provide direct patient care, or train periodically in high or medium risk areas during the course of the practicum, are to be fit-tested with an approved respirator by Lakeridge Health’s Occupational Health Department prior to the start date.

Placement Coordinators will continue to provide confirmation of compliance to Academic Affairs office including applicable faculty ensuring that Respirators are re-fitted every two years and when body changes may affect fit and for ensursing that they are informed by students and applicable faculty of any changes that may require reassessment.

Fit Test Cards must be carried by Student and or Faculty Instructor on site.

Where to Eat
All Lakeridge Health sites have retail food service operations with varying hours of operation from site to site.

Library Services
The Health Sciences Library is available 24/7 in the LHEARN Centre at Lakeridge Health Oshawa. The library is staffed Monday to Friday (0800 - 1600).

Hand Washing
As per provincial directives, anyone who enters the hospital, including students, is expected to wash their hands regularly and use the alcohol hand rub dispensers located throughout the hospital.  Students who fail the self-screening process will be denied access to the healthcare facility.



Prior to the start of your rotation, please complete and send back the following prerequisite forms to 

If you are a PRACTIUM STUDENT - (Nursing, Clinical, Non-Clinical)

If your placement is confirmed at Lakeridge Health Oshawa, Bowmanville, Whitby and Port Perry please send all completed forms to Josie Bérubé at

If your placement is confirmed at Lakeridge Health Ajax-Pickering, please send all completed forms to Ameta White at

Ontario Tech University, Durham College, Trent University, Ryerson University and Centennial College Nursing Students are not required to submit these forms to Lakeridge Health as they are completed and collected prior to the start of your placement as per your respective school’s process. Please DO NOT send to the email addresses listed above.

Please complete the Statement of Confidentiality and Student Data Form.

Please read the following General Orientation Handbook

Please read the Orientation to Working Safely On-site

Evaluation Forms
To help us better evaluate our program please consider filling out the Student Practicum Program Evaluation Form below. Please forward to Josie Bérubé at

To recognize a Preceptor for their role please fill out the Preceptor Awards Nomination Form. 
Preceptor Award Nomination Form.