Addiction Support Services And Withdrawal Management Services

Withdrawal Management

For many people getting support in the process of withdrawing from substances is an important part of the recovery process. Support is available in Residential Withdrawal Management Services (RWMS),Community Withdrawal Management Services (CWMS), and Walk-in Support. No doctor's referral is required for any of these services and there is no cost to anyone who has a valid Ontario Health Card. 

As part of our pre-admission process, we will speak with each client directly and assess for mental health issues and medical concerns. Everyone has different needs, and we identify and integrate collaborative supports in order to prepare for an individualized treatment plan specific to the withdrawal process. Discharge planning is an important part of the withdrawal process to help develop realistic and obtainable goals that will contribute to your recovery.

Residential Withdrawal Management Services (RWMS)

Residential Withdrawal Management Services (RWMS) is a recommended treatment option for people who struggle withdrawing from substances on their own and do not have a supportive environment. Clients must voluntarily agree to participate. This service is available for both men and women ages 16 and over who are safe to withdraw in a non-medical setting. Our Addiction Counsellors provide ongoing symptom monitoring and supportive counselling throughout the duration of your admission. RWMS is often an entry point for treatment; however, it is also used for the purpose of relapse prevention and in situations where someone is in a crisis related to drugs and/or alcohol. Length of stay is determined by Provincial Criteria, but on average, is 4-5 days.

Highlights of our 22 bed Residential Withdrawal Management Services include:

  • Motivational counseling
  • Collaboration and treatment planning for issues related to opiate replacement therapy, tapering regimes and pregnant/ parenting women
  • Access to on-site educational groups, auricular acupuncture and self-help groups
  • Discharge plannning including referrals within the Mental Health and Pinewood Programs and community supports
  • Assessment with on-site Nurse Practitioner for concerns related to acute withdrawal issues
  • A professional environment that is committed to a welcoming, recovery-based approach


For further information, please call our 24 hour telephone line at 905-721-4747 ext. 31229 or 1-888-881-8878.


We are located at Pinewood 300 Centre Street South Oshawa, Ontario. To get to the RWMS please use the North Entrance. To get to CWMS use the East entrance.