Community Advisory Panel


Lakeridge Health Community Advisory Panels

Lakeridge Health’s Community Advisory Panels (CAPs) 

As Advisors to the Lakeridge Health Board, CAPs shape community health care

Guided by a new Vision – One System. Best Health. – the Lakeridge Health community has a unique opportunity to change the way services are delivered and create a health system that serves the region’s diverse communities well into the future.

Lakeridge Health’s four volunteer Community Advisory Panels (CAPs) representing the geography of Durham Region (Ajax Pickering, Clarington, North Durham, Oshawa-Whitby) play an integral role in highlighting community needs and defining the services that are most important to the diverse communities of Durham Region.

Each CAP provides input and advice to the Board of Trustees at Lakeridge Health, shares information between the organization and the community and brings forward community-specific concerns, questions and suggestions. CAPs complement the work of the 7,700 dedicated Lakeridge Health team members who support patients and families every day through their work and volunteer service.

CAP members serve for a three-year term, with the option to renew for two terms. Meetings are held three to four times a year.

Community Advisory Panel 


Ajax Pickering Tom Batchellor (Co-Chair)
Carion Fenn (Board Co-Chair)
Clarington Sally Barrie (Co-Chair)
Sheila Hall (Co-Chair)
Judeline Innocent (Board Co-Chair)
North Durham Paul Griffen (Co-Chair)
Barb Brady (Board Co-Chair)
Oshawa Whitby Judi Longfield (Co-Chair)
  Glen Uens (Board Co-Chair)