Health and Safety

Infection Control

To prevent the spread of infection, wash your hands or use the alcohol-based hand run that is available throughout the hospital. Please wash your hands after using the washroom, before you enter a patient room and again once you leave. Also, please eat or drink only in designated areas. 

We're a Smoke-Free Environment

In compliance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and Electronic Cigarettes Act and Regulations, Lakeridge Health prohibits the use of any form of smoking or the use/vaping of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) on any of its properties.

We're Scent-Reduced and Latex-Free

All of our hospital sites are latex and scent-free. Latex and scents can cause allergic reactions for many people.

Please bring non-scented flowers and personal-care products only, and choose mylar balloons instead of latex balloons (you can find these and other hospital-friendly gifts at our volunteer-run gift shops).

What to do in an Emergency

If there is an emergency at one of our hospital sites, we will make an overhead announcement. Please stay calm and follow the instructions of our staff.

Fire Safety

If there is a fire at one of our hospital sites, you will hear an overhead announcement for "code red". Please stay calm and follow the instructions of our staff. Do not use the elevators or try to leave on your own, as fire doors will be closed.

All of our staff receive mandatory fire-safety training and participate in fire drills regularly.