Lakeridge Gardens – Long-Term Care Home

On July 28, 2020, the Ontario Government announced a collaborative partnership with Lakeridge Health and Infrastructure Ontario to build a new, modern long-term care (LTC) home on the site of the Ajax Pickering Hospital using an accelerated build process.

The new LTC home with up to 320 beds is currently in completion and was built using an innovative design/build process. The home’s modern design, including best practices in infection prevention and control capabilities and resident living areas will promote the health and safety of seniors with a range of needs and abilities. With this new state of the art facility, Durham Region will have much needed additional long-term care capacity and the community will be able to access high-quality LTC services faster.

And after community consultations throughout the Summer of 2021, Lakeridge Health announced “Lakeridge Gardens” as the name of the new long-term care home. The Lakeridge Gardens name proudly represents the many voices of Durham Region and embodies the landscape of a thriving Region, as well as growth. Growth for Lakeridge Health as an organization and for the residents and their families who will call the new long-term care facility their home starting Spring 2022. 

The rapid progress and speed of construction of Lakeridge Gardens is a remarkable achievement founded on solid partnerships with PCL Construction, Infrastructure Ontario, local and provincial governments, the Durham Region community and countless other skilled workers, tradespeople and team members.

To learn more about the innovative collaboration behind the project and to provide more insight into the strategy that enabled the home to be built in months instead of years, please have a watch of this short documentary prepared by our partners, PCL Construction.

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