Lakeridge Health and Distress Centre Durham Working Together to Support Durham Mental Health Needs

Posted on Monday February 08, 2021

Durham, Ontario - Lakeridge Health and Distress Centre Durham (DCD) are working together, with a shared goal of providing better, more coordinated mental health and crisis intervention programs and services across Durham Region.

This partnership builds on the current mental health and addictions programs and services offered by Pinewood Centre and Durham Mental Health Services (DMHS), under the Lakeridge Health umbrella.

DMHS has had a long-standing partnership with DCD, complementing DCD’s volunteer-based support with community-based crisis counselling and suicide prevention programs. The new partnership is the first step in joining DCD with DMHS and Pinewood Centre to provide client-centred, wrap-around support with a common objective.

Moving forward, Lakeridge Health will help manage DCD operations and facility. Professional staff from DMHS will also provide additional support for DCD’s home call program, which provides immediate telephone and texting support to high risk callers to DCD’s 24/7 crisis line.

In the months ahead, the organizations will continue to look for ways to align services, share expertise, and better support the community’s mental health needs.

DCD has been operating in Durham for 50 years and helps people in distress to cope, by providing emotional support, crisis/suicide management, and community education. Approximately 10,000 calls are supported each year by staff and more than 120 volunteers trained in crisis intervention, support, and education.



“This new partnership builds on the continuum of a shared service model that will provide better support quicker to the clients who need us most.” Rob Adams, CEO, Durham Mental Health Services.

"Each year, Distress Centre Durham helps thousands of people in our community in distress by providing emotional support, crisis/suicide management, and education. Our volunteers and staff are there to listen, empathize, ask open-ended questions, support, validate, and build confidence with the caller. We let the caller tell their story with no judgement, opinion, or advice. We look forward to working with DMHS, Pinewood Centre and Lakeridge Health to support the needs of our clients." John Shaw, Board President, Distress Centre Durham.

“By bringing Distress Centre Durham into a closer partnership with those of DMHS, Pinewood and Lakeridge, we welcome this opportunity to strengthen the care continuum for the Durham community.” Paul McGary, Director, Mental Health and Addictions Program, Pinewood Centre.

“We are pleased to be working together with Distress Centre Durham to support the important work they do every day. By sharing resources and expertise we have an opportunity to better serve some of the most vulnerable in our community.” Sheila Gallagher, Director, Community Mental Health and Addictions, Lakeridge Health.

For more information, contact:
Sharon Navarro
Lakeridge Health