Durham health care providers selected to submit a full Ontario Health Team proposal

Posted on Friday August 02, 2019

Dozens of providers informed Durham OHT submission

Durham – Durham health care and social service providers received the green light from the provincial Ministry of Health (MOH) to submit a full application to vie to become an Ontario Health Team (OHT). OHTs, a new way of coordinating and delivering people-centred health care, are being developed as part of the provincial government’s health system plan and People’s Healthcare Act, 2019.

Through OHTs, local health care providers will work as a connected team, making it easier for people to access services and transition between providers, and empower patients and families in their personal health care management. OHT members will share responsibility for the delivery of all health services to the population in their geographic area, including understanding patients’ unique health care histories and needs, and seamlessly connecting people to the different types of care needed.

The Durham OHT was one of 31 submissions from across Ontario to move to the second stage of the application process to become one of the province’s first OHTs. The MOH received more than 150 submissions.

More than 70 health care partners from across Durham began conversations about becoming an OHT earlier this year. The formal OHT application represented 16 organizations including primary, acute and home care providers along with regional government, community providers and patient, family and caregiver representatives.

The Durham submission was informed and influenced by dozens of health care and social service providers, patient representatives, and educational institutions from across the region. To start, the focus of activity is on two key patient populations: older adults living with frailty and people living with complex conditions. A third focus on people with mental health conditions and addictions is also being developed.

While the core group involved in the submission is comprised of 16 organizations, there is broad support across various sectors. The Durham OHT submission received 39 letters of support from partner organizations in the health, social, education, and private sectors.

The Durham OHT will submit a full application by early October 2019, and the MOH is expected to announce the province’s first OHTs in late Fall 2019.


“OHTs are an important opportunity to build on our partnerships in Durham Region to create an integrated health system singularly focused on the people we serve,” said Matthew Anderson, Lakeridge Health President and CEO. “No matter where people access health care, they will be connected to the services they need in their local area.”

“Medical Associates of Port Perry and the North Durham Family Health Team are excited to be involved in the creation of an OHT in Durham Region. The opportunity to work closely with our health care partners and patient advisors to enhance the health care journey of Durham residents is a privilege. We look forward to a system of integrated health care within the local area of the people we serve.” Stephen Gray, Medical Associates of Port Perry CEO.

“Partners in Community Nursing is fully committed to our community and supports the Health Minister’s plan with enthusiasm and positivity. We look forward to working with all of our partners in the years to come to achieve efficient, co-ordinated and client driven care.” Heather Smith, Staff Development, Partners in Community Nursing.

“Grandview Children’s Centre is pleased to collaborate with others across Durham Region to ensure children with medical complexity can access the care they need close to home. Many Grandview kids experience medical complexity and currently their families are burdened with the implications of travel and scheduling their care far from home.” Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann, Grandview Children’s Centre CEO.

“It’s exciting to see so many organizations rally around a shared vision for health care in Durham,” said Carol McFarlane, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at St. Elizabeth Health Care. “By working together, we can strengthen services and find new ways to meet community needs.”

“As a member of the Durham community my family and I depend on multiple health care services to support our medical needs. As a patient, I value the staff and their commitment to treating me with compassion and care. The coordination and integration of services such as acute and home care that I have experienced through my cancer treatments is an example of smooth transitions from one organization to another in a truly integrated, personalized system of care that we plan for the Durham Region. I am glad to participate in the development of the Durham OHT full application submission. We will work hard to make it successful.” Joyce Perrin, Patient, Family and Caregiver Representative.

About Durham OHT

The core Durham OHT group is comprised of partners from across the care continuum, including primary care providers, hospitals, patient and caregiver advisors, mental health, home care and community organizations. The initial focus will be on high needs areas identified: older adults living with frailty, people living with complex conditions, mental health and addictions, a digital health strategy and the creation of a Regional Patient Experience Office.

For more information on the OHT process, please visit the Ministry of Health website.

Media Contacts:

Lisa Kitchen
Durham OHT support
Phone Number: 905.576.8711
Email Address: lkitchen@lh.ca


Durham Ontario Health Team Signatory Organizations

  • Alzheimer Society Durham Region
  • Brock CHC
  • Carea CHC
  • CBI Home Health
  • Community Advantage Rehabilitation Inc.
  • Community Care Durham
  • Complex Injury Rehab
  • Grandview Children's Centre
  • Lakeridge Health
  • March of Dimes Canada
  • Medical Associates of Port Perry
  • North Durham FHT
  • Partners in Community Nursing
  • Regional Municipality of Durham
  • St. Elizabeth Health Care
  • Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada, Ontario Branch, Durham Site