Lakeridge Health Expert Panel Moving to Stage 2 in the Proposal Call Process for Identification of a Site for Proposed New Hospital

Posted on Friday October 15, 2021

Expert Panel has assembled shortlist of sites to evaluate as part of Stage 2 in Proposal Call

Durham Region – The Expert Panel leading Lakeridge Health’s independent site selection process is pleased to be moving from Stage 1 to Stage 2 of the Proposal Call process for the evaluation of sites for a proposed new hospital in Durham Region. A shortlist of sites has been selected through Stage 1 after an evaluation against the stated Stage 1 criteria. The next stage of the process will allow shortlisted proponents to provide additional supporting information and studies to allow the Expert Panel to assess the sites against the Stage 2 criteria to identify the best site for a future hospital that will meet the healthcare needs of all the communities in Durham.

Lakeridge Health announced the Proposal Call process on September 21, 2021, inviting interested landowners in Durham Region to submit their sites for consideration as part of this important process. This came after a public consultation process that engaged Durham Region and all Durham municipalities, members of the community, municipal and regional planning staff, conservation authorities, and various subject matter experts.

The Site Selection Process

Since late spring, Lakeridge Health has been going through an independent site selection process to identify and protect land for a proposed new hospital.

  • In May, Lakeridge Health announced the resumption of Master Plan priorities with the launch of the independent site selection process. This included explaining the role of the Expert Panel in leading all aspects of the process.
  • In June, the members of the Expert Panel were announced. The Panel is made up of a diverse group of professionals with experience in health care and real estate development. The Panel is supported by an independent Fairness Advisor, who ensures that the site selection process is transparent and unbiased by all involved parties.
  • In July, a public consultation was launched to obtain input on the draft site selection criteria to ensure the community had a say on the criteria used to assess potential sites for the proposed future hospital. Community members eagerly shared their thoughts on the site selection criteria through a public survey (close to 13,000 responses received), telephone poll, focus groups with subject matter experts, and a Facebook Live community townhall.
  • In August, a public notice was issued to advise that a Call for Proposals would be coming in September and to share the key themes heard from the public consultation.
  • In September, the Call for Proposals was issued to interested landowners in Durham Region to submit their sites for consideration. The final criteria that are being used to evaluate proposed sites can be reviewed on the Lakeridge Health web site. After evaluating the Stage 2 site proposals, the Expert Panel will make a recommendation for the preferred site to the Board of Trustees.

Public Consultation

A proposed new hospital is important to all the communities of Durham Region, and the public consultation was an opportunity for those who live and work in Durham to share their perspectives on what is important to consider when identifying a site for a future hospital. To gather feedback from as many community members as possible, the following activities were undertaken:

  • Community survey – 12,500 community survey responses received;
  • Telephone public opinion poll – 1,602 responses (population weighted);
  • Facebook Live townhall – viewed almost 900 times;
  • Focus groups with subject matter experts including discussions with experts from community safety, public health, and local and regional governments;
  • Interviews with community groups including local conservation authorities, business organizations, and other Lakeridge Health stakeholders; and
  • Broader outreach to community groups and Durham Region and municipalities – written feedback received from the Durham Region Planning Department and three municipalities.

An Independent Process

Lakeridge Health’s Board of Trustees recognized the need for a fully independent and transparent site selection process. The independent Expert Panel, made up of individuals with experience in health care and real estate development, and with no employment, residency, or financial ties to Durham, was selected.

Expert Panel members were evaluated against a skillset that was approved by the Lakeridge Health Board’s Site Selection Committee. The independent Expert Panel is responsible for all aspects of the site selection process, including the establishment of criteria to evaluate each site brought forward from interested members of the community.

An Executive Lead was selected to focus on consultation and engagement with the community, elected officials, and landowners during the process. The Executive Lead keeps Lakeridge Health’s senior management team and Board informed. A Fairness Advisor is also involved to ensure that the site selection process is transparent and unbiased by all involved parties.

For more information about the site selection process, please visit the Lakeridge Health website at At any time throughout this process, thoughts and questions can be submitted to


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