Lakeridge Gardens opens new Behavioural Support Transition Unit to support people living with dementia, mental health, and other neurological illnesses

Posted on Wednesday September 27, 2023

AJAX, ON – Lakeridge Gardens – Lakeridge Health’s long-term care home – has opened its highly anticipated, 16-bed Behavioural Support Transition Unit (BSTU) to provide increased access to care and comprehensive support for people living with dementia, mental health, and other neurological illnesses.

“We are so proud to offer this service to our Durham Region communities,” said Lisa McVety, Administrator, Lakeridge Gardens. “This new BSTU will improve the quality of life for residents and their families. We recognize that demand for such services is high in our region and continues to increase. We’re so grateful for the support of our government partners to make this opening possible.”

Through a multi-disciplinary approach, the specialized behavioural support services of the BSTU will provide individuals and their families with the necessary tools, therapies, and de-escalation strategies to control responsive and reactive behaviours – actions, words or gestures presented by a person living with dementia, mental health, and other neurological illnesses as a response to something negative, frustrating, or confusing in their environment. Examples of these behaviours may include hitting, grabbing onto people, or pushing.

“The family is a key partner in the care of people living with responsive behaviours,” said Dr. Joel Kennedy, Chief and Medical Director, Lakeridge Gardens. “This new BSTU is great news for our community. In partnership with families, the specially trained staff enable individuals and residents to return home and to the community sooner, while avoiding unnecessary hospital visits.”

Access to the BSTU is via assessment by Home and Community Care Services and by specialized behavioural support staff at Lakeridge Gardens. Each potential resident of the unit must meet evidence-informed criteria established by Behavioural Supports Ontario. For more information, see the Behavioural Specialized Unit Patient Information Sheet available at



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