C. difficile Conference 2013

C. Difficle spores

C the Diff Conference - Sold OutIt’s time to stomp out C. difficile.

Join forces with renowned infection prevention and control leaders from across Ontario as they come together to talk about what we can do to drive down C. difficile rates and beat the superbug.

Lakeridge Health’s Infection Prevention and Control 2013 Conference is dedicated to discussing the prevention, management, diagnosis, treatment and patient outcomes related to Clostridium difficile.

This is an opportunity to work with experts on C. difficile to help build on our existing knowledge and learn new strategies to provide the safest care possible.

Event Presentations

Dr. Andrew Simor - The Treatment of C. difficile Infection

Barry Glaspell - Lessons from Joseph Brant C. difficile Class Action and Settlement

Dr. Michael Silverman - Fecal Transplants 2013

Dr. Daniel Ricciuto - Antimicrobial/Medication Stewardship and Prevention of C. difficile Infection

Dr. J. Scott Weese - The Epidemiology of C. difficile Infection in Hospitals, Long-Term Care and the Community

Judy McCarten - Raise the Bar and Lower Your Rates