Restoring and Reopening

Port Perry Restore and Reopen

Restoring and reopening Port Perry Hospital is one of our top priorities.

Lakeridge Health is committed to continue to provide access to services for Port Perry and is focused on restoring the facility and safely reopening the Hospital as soon as possible.

Based on the early assessment of damage, it is expected that (at a minimum) Port Perry Hospital will be in construction and restoration until Spring/Summer of 2018 with reopening of operations planned as soon as restoration of the facility is complete.

While we have an early estimate around length of construction and restoration, this could change as the detailed plans about restoration are developed. It is expected that there will be a number of phased activities required to arrive at a final detailed plan for building restoration and until we have a final detailed plan, we will not have a reopening time frame.

Lakeridge Health is committed to working with our construction partners to move this work forward as soon as possible. Further, Lakeridge Health will work collaboratively with municipal, provincial and health system partners to restore the site.

In the meantime, Lakeridge Health has put short-term plans in place to provide residents of North Durham access to health care services. While the hospital building is temporarily closed, all staff have been relocated to other parts of the Lakeridge Health system.

Lakeridge Health is committed to keeping the local community informed as the project progresses and will share updates about definitive timelines for repairs and re-opening once we have them. 

Significant Damage to Hospital's Building Systems

While most of the fire damage was contained to one part of the building, the area of the hospital most impacted was the power plant. All of the electrical, mechanical and environmental systems sustained significant water damage which impacts all of the operations at the hospital.

Due to the complex nature of hospital operations, including the Operating Rooms, medical equipment and medical gases required to safely support patient care, restoration of the building is a significant undertaking.

Repairing the hospital's electrical, mechanical and environmental systems is complex and will take time to carry out as most of the systems will need to be custom built before it can be installed.


Work Currently Underway at Port Perry Hospital

Construction experts and the hospital team have been concentrating on restoration efforts since the night of the fire. The focus has been asbestos removal necessary to ensure the safety of anyone in the building. This work must be completed before construction can begin. Asbestos removal is a highly-regulated activity, and the unusually hot and humid weather created conditions where work was unable to progress. Now that the weather has cooled, workers are onsite 24-hours-a-day. 

In the meantime, all equipment has been catalogued and documented. Urgently needed medical equipment to support health care operations for North Durham residents has been transferred to Oshawa and Bowmanville hospitals. The remaining equipment is being cleaned, wrapped and transported to offsite storage while the restoration of the Port Perry Hosptial is underway. 


Below are photos of work currently underway at the Hospital:

Photo Gallery: Work currently underway at the Port Perry Hospital: will appear here on the public site.