Restoring and Reopening Port Perry Hospital

On August 25, 2017, the Port Perry hospital sustained damage from a fire that started during roofing construction. There has since been a suspension of services on site while we work to make the necessary repairs. 

We understand that there has been concern from residents who use the Port Perry hospital and we wanted to take this opportunity to assure community members that we understand their frustrations and are working to get the hospital operational again as soon as possible. Indeed, any assertion to the contrary is simply wrong.

Construction experts and the hospital team have been concentrating on restoration efforts since the night of the fire. The focus has been asbestos removal necessary to ensure the safety of anyone in the building. This work must be completed before construction can begin. Asbestos removal is a highly-regulated activity, and the unusually hot and humid weather created conditions where work was unable to progress. Now that the weather has cooled, workers are onsite 24-hours-a-day.

In the meantime, all equipment has been catalogued and documented. Urgently needed medical equipment to support health care operations for North Durham residents has been transferred to Oshawa and Bowmanville hospitals. The remaining equipment is being cleaned, wrapped and transported to offsite storage while the restoration of the Port Perry Hospital is underway. 

We expect construction and restoration to take place until at least the Spring/Summer of 2018. A more detailed timeline for reopening will be determined in the next few months. 

We realize the importance of delivering safe, local quality care to the Port Perry community and regret any inconveniences this has caused our patients, our staff, our community healthcare partners, and the community at large. We are committed to keeping the local community informed as the project progresses and we thank you in advance for your ongoing patience and understanding.

If members of the community have any questions they can reach us directly at or call the Port Perry Hotline at 1-833-681-9840.