Frequently Asked Questions

Reopening Port Perry Hospital

Are there plans to reopen Lakeridge Health Port Perry?

Yes. Port Perry Hospital is critical to health care delivery in the community, and Lakeridge Health is committed to restoring the facility and safely reopening the hospital as soon as possible.

When do we expect Port Perry hospital to reopen?   

Lakeridge Health has been focused on restoring Port Perry Hospital after it was temporarily closed following a fire on August 25, 2017. Construction crews and engineering experts have been onsite over the past three months repairing damage and creating a detailed plan of the work required to safely open the site.

Based on the plan, construction and restoration of the building is scheduled to be complete the first week of July with the patient services opening the first week of September, 2018 - just after Labour Day.

Lakeridge Health is committed to working with our construction partners to move this work forward as soon as possible. Further, Lakeridge Health will work collaboratively with municipal, provincial and health system partners to restore the site.

In the meantime, Lakeridge Health has put short-term plans in place to provide residents of North Durham access to health care services, and all Port Perry hospital staff have been relocated to other parts of the Lakeridge Health system to support patient care.

Restoring Port Perry Hospital

What construction needs to be done to restore the hospital?

Most of the building systems including electrical, HVAC, heating and cooling systems (in building's power plant) sustained significant damage. Construction experts and the hospital team have been concentrating on restoration efforts since the night of the fire. 

Restoration efforts include the construction and installation of a new boiler room, HVAC system and power plant. Construction crews have been working extended hours and with the team at Lakeridge Health to pre-select and pre-order long delivery items for all systems including generators, boilers and HVAC systems to accelerate the restoration efforts. 

Crews are focused on mechanical room upgrades, which will ensure the room is better protected. Prior to the fire, all of the hospital's systems-mechanical, electrical and environmental were located in one area, which was heavily damaged during the fire.  As part of the restoration, these systems are now located separately in their own protected spaces. 

Lakeridge Health is making a number of safety enhancements, renovating various areas of the hospital to improve the patient experience and improving the hospital systems which support electrical, mechanical and environmental systems.  

When is the restoration work expected to be complete?

Due to the complex nature of hospital operations, including the ORs, medical equipment and medical gases required to safely support patient care, restoration of the building is a significant undertaking.

Based on the detailed plan of the work required to safely open the site, construction and restoration of the building is scheduled to be complete the first week of July.

Once restoration and construction is complete, it is expected to take eight weeks for the Lakeridge Health team to prep the building, do a terminal clean and sterilize all clinical areas, re-stock hospital inventory, and move in, test and re-certify all medical equipment.   

The Port Perry Hospital is on track to reopen to patients the first week of September, 2018 - just after Labour Day.


What caused the fire?

The Township of Scugog Fire Department and Office of the Fire Marshal Emergency Management and Fire Investigation unit (OFM) determined the origin and cause was a hot tar roofing application process that ignited nearby insulation.

The fire damage was contained to one part of the building, however building systems such as electrical and mechanical systems sustained significant water damage which impacts operation of the site.

Why was the building closed by the Ministry of Labour (MOL)?

Whenever there is a significant event, such as a fire, the MOL conducts its own investigation.  In this case a Do Not Disturb order was issued and the building remained inaccessible while an MOL Industrial Hygienist and Structural Engineer completed their investigation.  Once the MOL gave clearance, the site was again opened for limited access.

How much damage was done to the hospital?

As a result of the roof fire at Port Perry Hospital on August 25, 2017, the Scugog Fire Department estimates that the hospital sustained an estimated $10 million in fire, smoke and water damages.

Port Perry hospital was renovated this year - have those renovations been affected from the fire?

In March, 2017, Port Perry Hospital completed a major renovation ($4 million) which included wider patient bathrooms, additional private rooms and adding sprinklers to in-patient units and lobby. Teams are currently on site to address and assess the damage. While patient care remains our priority, we want to reopen the hospital as soon as possible and we will when it's safe to do so.

Patient Care

Where will appointments or surgeries previously scheduled at the Port Perry Hospital take place?

Our clinical teams are working collaboratively with local physicians, including our partners at the Port Perry Medical Associates to put plans in place that allow for scheduled care such as surgery, diagnostic tests and other procedures to continue as planned. Plans are in place to address key patient access for both scheduled and unscheduled (urgent and emergency) care.

A number of procedures and outpatient services have been moved to the Oshawa Hospital and endoscopy procedures have been moved to Bowmanville. Patients will be directly notified of appointment changes.

We are committed to developing longer term plans to ensure that patient appointments are on or as close to the same timeframe as possible, although the location of the services will change to another Lakeridge Health hospital.

We are working with our clinical teams and other health care service providers, including the Medical Associates of Port Perry to mitigate delays to care delivery.

Where can North Durham Residents receive care while the Port Perry Hospital is closed?

The Medical Associates of Port Perry has extended their urgent care hours to support North Durham Region residents during the closure of the Port Perry hospital. For more information, visit their website here or call 905 985 2895.

Full a list of the nearest Emergency Departments servicing the North Durham Region Port Perry community include, click here.

If you are expecting a baby, learn more about the labour and delivery services at Lakeridge Health Oshawa here.

I'm a North Durham Region resident having a baby, what are my options?

Port Perry New Life Centre mothers have been notified and asked to discuss their birth plan with their physician.  Hospital-based care and deliveries will be provided at the Oshawa hospital. For more information on delivering a baby at Lakeridge Health Oshawa, click here.

Will I be seeing the same doctor/surgeon for my appointment/procedure?

Yes. You will be seeing the same doctor/surgeon, just at a different location. 

Where do I check-in for procedures?

At Bowmanville Hospital enter through the main entrance and take the B elevators to the Surgical Registration Office located on the first floor, in room 101.

At Oshawa General Hospital, take the escalator from the main entrance to the second floor. The Surgical Registration Desk is located through the doors to the right.

Please contact your surgeon's office directly for more information about your procedure.

Where do I park when visiting Oshawa or Bowmanville hospitals?

Public parking at the Bowmanville Hospital is accessed from the south side on Prince Street.

Oshawa General Hospital parking garages are available on Parkwood Court and Hospital Court.

How much is parking at Bowmanville at Oshawa?

Parking at the Bowmanville Hospital is $3.00 for the first half hour, with a daily maximum of $8.00. For long-term stays, a rolling 30-day transponder is available for $32.00.

At the Oshawa General Hospital, parking is available at the rate of $4.50 for the first half hour, with a daily maximum charge of $15.00. Parking with in and out privileges is available in a variety options:

  • 30 day consecutive pass - $76.00
  • 5 day pass - $37.50
  • 10 day pass - $65.00
  • 30 day pass - $150.00

For More Information:

If members of the community have any questions they are always welcome to reach out to us directly at

For individual questions about your care, please speak with your physician.