Patient Experience Wants to Hear From You

Please Note: Due to the pandemic, we have updated our Visiting Guidelines. Please refer to our COVID-19 Updates page. Thank you.

At Lakeridge Health, we value patient and family experience and believe this happens through good communication, respect and teamwork between patients, families and staff.

We care about your time at Lakeridge Health and want to hear from you. Our Office of Patient Experience offers you a safe space for you to share your compliments, suggestions or concerns about your experience at any of our locations.

Read Lakeridge Health's full Patient and Family Feedback Policy and Procedures

How can you share your feedback with us?

Patient Experience is here to listen and make sure your feedback gets passed along to the right person.  You can contact our Patient Experience Specialists by telephone, email, mail, or in person at our office location.


(905) 576-8711 ext. 34402



RE: Patient Experience Department
1 Hospital Court, Oshawa, ON. 

Patient Experience Office Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Closed on weekends

Office Location

Our office is located at 1 Hospital Court, Oshawa, ON.                                                                                               Patient Experience is located in the main entrance area, on the left hand side, across from the main food court. 

When should you contact the Patient Experience Specialists?

  • When you have a compliment about your experience 
  • When you have concerns about services or staff interaction 
  • If you have ideas or suggestions to share with the hospital
  • When you want to know your rights as a patient, visitor, family member, or partner in care
  • When you need assistance in communicating with your health-care team
  • When you would like further follow-up or are not satisfied after speaking with your health-care team

What can the Patient Experience Office do for you?

  • Listen to your experience and provide support
  • Assist you in getting the information you need
  • Offer assistance to address issues or problems while responding to your concerns
  • Ensure that your feedback is shared with your health-care team
  • Assist everyone to communicate effectively

Lakeridge Health Patient Experience is committed to working with you in a fair and timely manner. 

Please see our process below to help understand how Patient Experience will work with you to respond to your concern and offer assistance in resolving issues or problems.

Our Process For Responding to Compliments and Concerns.

Step 1

After submitting your feedback, you can expect a receipt of your email, letter or voicemail within two business days to let you know we have received your message. Our message receipt will also explain the first stages of how our team will address your feedback.

Step 2

Once the patient consent is received, your feedback is documented and forwarded to the appropriate leadership, who will communicate with staff involved in your experience. 

Step 3

Our team will work together with you in a professional manner, entrusting confidentiality with any communication provided to us in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

We value your comments and take all feedback we receive seriously.