Partnership Between Lakeridge and SickKids Ensures Best Care for Durham Kids

Dr. Joan Abohweyere, Lakeridge Health Pediatrician

When your child is sick, nothing matters more than getting them the best available treatment and care. An innovative partnership between Lakeridge Health and The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is ensuring kids in Durham Region receive the latest standard of medication for common childhood illnesses.  We spoke with Dr. Joan Abohweyere, paediatrician at Lakeridge Health about how the SickKids Formulary will benefit infants and children across Durham Region.  

Q: How does the partnership with SickKids benefit children and families in Durham Region?

Last fall, Lakeridge Health adopted The SickKids Formulary, a resource that assists pharmacists, physicians and other health professionals to deliver the latest standard in paediatric medication.  By providing specific medication dosing information and guidelines for common childhood illnesses, this tool is helping to ensure children in Durham Region receive the safest and most advanced medications in their own communities.

Q: How many Lakeridge Health hospitals are using the SickKids Formulary?

The SickKids Formulary is offered at all Lakeridge Health locations. Parents can be assured that their child’s medication is being prescribed and administered at a consistently high standard, whether a child is treated in the emergency department, has surgery or is admitted to a Lakeridge Health hospital.

Q: What are the most common illnesses supported by this program?

The SickKids Formulary covers medication for a range of common illnesses and conditions including asthma, pneumonia, seizures and complications related to Sickle Cell Anemia. Health professionals at Lakeridge Health prescribe and administer the same medications that these patients would receive at SickKids.  Drug therapy is continually changing making it challenging to stay current.  The medication list and information are regularly updated by pharmacy and medical experts at SickKids, which enables health professionals to offer the most up-to-date medication to our youngest patients.