About MyChart

Last reviewed: January 6, 2023. 

We need our patients to have a MyChart account to manage appointments and view their health records. 

Click here to log-in if you already have a MyChart Central East Ontario account. 

 MyChart allows you to:

  • View and print a list of your future and past appointments (view under ‘visits’)
  • View and print your bloodwork results
  • View and print your diagnostic imaging results (examples: x-rays, CT scans, MRIs)
  • View and print consult and other notes written by your healthcare team
  • Update, view and print a list of your medications

Bloodwork results, test results, and notes written by your physician(s) are available back to March 2018. Your healthcare team can see all of your health records.

You can view and print your health records from Lakeridge Health and any one of these partner hospitals:

  • Campbellford Memorial Hospital
  • Haliburton Highlands Health Services
  • Northumberland Hills Hospital
  • Peterborough Regional Health Centre
  • Ross Memorial Hospital
  • Scarborough Health Network

Viewing your test results on MyChart

You will see your test results on MyChart after they are finalized and scheduled for release.  At the earliest, your results are scheduled for release to MyChart as listed below. Some results need to be reviewed and signed by a doctor before they are finalized and released to MyChart.  

  1. Pathology/cytology results (examples: tissue and urine samples) are scheduled for release after 10 days. 
  2. Diagnostic imaging reports are released after 5 days. 
  3. Bloodwork results are released as soon as they are available. Bloodwork results outside of the ‘normal’ range are released after 5 days.  Not all results outside of the normal range are ‘abnormal’ or need follow up. This includes low (L) or high (H) results.
  4. Genetics results are released after 5 days.  

Click on ‘test results’ in MyChart to view your results.  Your test results are listed in chronological order (arranged in the order they were completed). 

  How to sign up for MyChart

  • Ask a member of your healthcare team to send you an email or text with the link to complete sign up or,
  • Use the activation code included on the After Visit Summary provided by a member of your healthcare team or,
  • Click here to sign up

You can download the MyChart app for your Apple or Android device from the App Store or Google Play Store (the app with the red folder/white heart).  Select 'Central East Ontario' as the organization where you receive care.

Read our handouts for more information on how to sign up for the new MyChart. 

Viewing your appointments

We ask you to review your appointments on MyChart.  You can see your upcoming appointments under ‘visits’ on MyChart. You will receive a 'text' with an appointment reminder 2 days before your scheduled appointment. You will only receive this if you have provided us with a cell phone number. You do not need a MyChart account to receive these text reminders. You can update your ‘communication preferences’ on MyChart.  Look for 'communication preferences' in the MyChart menu under ‘account settings’.

Sharing your health record on MyChart

You can share your health record on MyChart with a family member(s).  Sharing your health record allows your family member(s) to see all of the health records and information included in your MyChart.

If you have a problem with the sign up for MyChart 

  • Call the MyChart support line at 1-833-789-3742. Choose '3' for Lakeridge Health when prompted by the voicemail message or,
  • Email mychartinfo@lh.ca.