About MyChart™

MyChart™ is a secure online website that lets you see your health record. It is being used by the Durham Regional Cancer Centre (DRCC) and Lakeridge Health. As a patient of the Central East Regional Cancer Program (this includes the DRCC), you can choose to use MyChart™.

How can MyChart™ help you?

You will be able to see your:

Consultation notes written by your oncologist(s).

  • Consultation notes written by any doctor you see at Lakeridge Health.
  • Results of bloodwork done at the Durham
  • Regional Cancer Centre.
  • Results of tests done at Lakeridge Health
  • (X-rays, ultrasounds, CT Scans, MRIs etc.).
  • Calendar of appointments. You will only see appointments booked in the Lakeridge Health computer system.

You will be able to complete the Your Symptoms Matter questionnaire before your appointment with a doctor at the cancer centre.

You can let others see your health records. This includes:

  • Your family members/partners-in-care.
  • Your health care team (for example: your family doctor). It is important to talk to your health care team about this.

You can keep a personal record of your health information including:

  • How you are feeling
  • Your allergies
  • Your medications
  • Your blood pressure

How you can register for MyChart™

How to register in person if you have an appointment at the Durham Regional Cancer Centre:

  1. Give your email address to any receptionist or clerk in the cancer centre.
  2. In 24 to 48 hours, you will receive an email from the MyChart™ Support Team.
  3. In this email, you will receive a link to the MyChart™ website. You will also receive a Personal Identification Number (PIN), which keeps your health record secure.
  4. Click on the link to open the MyChart™ website.
  5. Information on this website will tell you what to do next. You will be asked for your PIN.

You can also register by:

  • Calling the Health Information Management Department at 905-576-8711 extension 34130.
  • Emailing the My Chart™ Support Team at mychartinfo@lh.ca

Call or email the MyChart™ Support Team if you:

  • Need more information about MyChart™
  • Have questions about MyChart™
  • Want to let your family members/partners-in-care or healthcare team see your health record on MyChart™
  • Want to see your health records from two different hospitals on MyChart™
  • Have a problem using MyChart™

For more information: