group sessions

Interact is a community-based mental health program that emphasizes the benefits of group therapy as both a treatment medium and therapeutic intervention. 

We care for adults 18 and over with a diagnosis of anxiety and/or depression. 

Our team recognizes the evidence, both research and clinical, that suggests strong comorbidity among the various anxiety and mood disorders, and we have designed our program to be responsive to this reality by adopting an integrated approach to psychotherapy that is informed by the principles of transdiagnostic treatment planning. 

Our group programs are organized as phases of treatment.  The phases build on one-another but not all clients will move through each phase of treatment. Decisions about treatment are made in collaboration with each client.  


Referrals are accepted from community physicians and healthcare providers within Lakeridge Health by contacting us at 905-576-8711 ext. 6029. Please have your doctor or other healthcare provider complete our Physician Referral Form. Self-referrals are no longer accepted.