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CEPCP Fall 2018 CME

The CME day will start as it always does, with a medical directives quiz. You will have the ability to reference your hard copy pocketbook (but not your neighbor’s and not an electronic version). You will again have 45 minutes to complete the quiz and enter it electronically through the clicker. Just like on a call, you need to watch your time. If you have concerns over test writing and the time constraint, please call us in advance of your CME day to discuss available options. In the unlikely event of a mark less than 70% on the quiz, you will be required to rewrite the quiz before the end of the day.

After the quiz is completed, the CME day will touch on the changes to the current ALS PCS regarding Analgesia and Combative patients; a CQI presentation on a recent high acuity call; 2 skill stations; 2 scenarios and 2 self-directed stations. 

We have created a course on our new LMS system (MedicLearn) where you can review resources for this CME and practice the sample quizzes.  You will find this course under “Available Courses” or “CME Content” and you may enrol yourself by clicking the blue enrol button.  Please go to our landing page ( and log in to view the course.