Community Treatment for Addictions (Outpatient)


Pinewood’s Community Treatment for Addictions provides a number of services in our community aimed at assessment, support, and individual/ group treatment on an outpatient basis for youth and adults who are concerned about their substance use.

A specialized team develops a personal treatment plan which may include auricular acupuncture, educational and motivational workshops. Group sessions explore themes such as stress management, controlled-use and relapse prevention. 

Services are typically one to two hours per week but case managers will work with participants on an individualized plan.

Our community services include:

People do not need a doctor’s referral and there is no cost for anyone with a valid Ontario Health Card.


For general information, to discuss concerns and/ or to book an assessment appointment, please choose a location that is most convenient for you.

Ajax                  905-683-5950

Bowmanville     905-697-2746

Oshawa            905-571-3344

Port Perry        905-985-4721

Scarborough    416-431-8200 ext. 6321 or 6516

Overview of Specialized Programs

Court Diversion

Durham Mental Health and Drug Treatment Court

Durham Drug Treatment and Mental Health Court is our court diversion program which helps offenders facing non-violent criminal charges tackle addictions and mental health issues. The program, which takes an average of 9 to 18 months, is run in collaboration with the Durham Regional Police, Department of Justice, legal counsel for the defence and prosecution and other community partners.

Participants are required to appear in court every week, attend counselling sessions, see a mental health professional if needed, and submit to regular drug testing.

To graduate, participants must be free of drugs and alcohol for three consecutive months, have stable housing and be working, volunteering or going to school. Upon graduation, charges are dropped or jail time is swapped for a non-custodial sentence, depending on the nature of the offence.


The Dawn program is a four-session, six-hour early intervention group for young people who have not yet set a substance use goal. The program provides education and motivation in a non-threatening manner to help clients develop goals for their substance use.

Through group and individual counselling, teens are encouraged to reflect upon their present situation by openly discussing their patterns of substance use, considering the consequences and concerns of their usage and determine the need for change.

Contact: 905-723-8195

Opiate Treatment Services 

Opiate Treatment Services treats people who are dependent on opioids (pain killers such as codeine, Percocet, oxycodone, hydromorphone, and fentanyl).   This program is suitable for anyone new to treatment or for people who are already enrolled in methadone maintenance treatment.  

Working with a case manager, the client develops a personalized treatment plan.  The plan may include individual and group-based services to help them work towards a specific treatment goal or towards reduction or abstinence in their opiate use.  Support is also available for loved ones.

Parents of Substance Using Youth 

Parents of Substance Abusing Youth is an 8 session, 2-hour group for parents who are concerned about their child's substance use. This unique service provides education about substance abuse and dependence, specialized parenting techniques, and peer support.

Umbrellas Program for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, it is safest to avoid drugs and alcohol. The Umbrellas program offers specialized support and services for pregnant women and new moms who are concerned about their drug or alcohol use. 

 Financial assistance is available for transportation and childcare to ensure participants can attend.