Colorectal Diagnostic Assessment Program

Colorectal cancer is a common form of cancer that affects 1 in 14 men and 1 in 15 women. But when caught early enough, there is a 90% chance of being cured.

When your family doctor or health care provider refers you to see a surgeon or doctor who specializes in diagnosing colorectal cancer, you may also be referred to the Colorectal Diagnostic Assessment Program (DAP).

Once you are referred to the DAP program, you will get help from a Nurse Navigator, who will follow you through all your tests, help prepare you for surgery and support your recover until you're ready to move on to treatment.

You may have your surgery at our Bowmanville, Oshawa or Port Perry site at Lakeridge Health.

Your treatment may include systemic therapy, or radiation. Both are available at the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre at our Oshawa site.

Your Nurse Navigator will:

  • talk with you to give you information and answer any questions you have;
  • help you be ready for tests, scans and appointments;
  • and refer you to a dietitian or a social worker for any additional support you may need.

Some of the tests or scans you may have through the DAP Program are:

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