Lakeridge Health welcomes up to $37.5M from the Region of Durham to strengthen the regional health care system

Posted on Friday April 09, 2021
Photo of patient being transferred at Bowmanville Hospital, pre-pandemic
Taken at Bowmanville Hospital, pre-pandemic

Investing in vital health care services today fosters the creation of a seamless, comprehensive health care system of tomorrow

BOWMANVILLE - As part of its commitment to ensuring residents across Durham have access to high-quality, modernized health care services, Lakeridge Health welcomes the investment of up to $37.5 million from the Region of Durham towards the expansion of the regional health care system.

This investment is earmarked for the much-anticipated Bowmanville Hospital expansion and renovation. It is part of a much broader strategy that will enable Lakeridge Health to provide a more integrated and seamless health care system across Durham Region.

Together with the recent $2.5M planning grant from the Government of Ontario to support the Bowmanville Project, this historic investment will provide additional support for the significant expansion, including a new patient wing, to meet the needs of high-growth communities, including Bowmanville, Clarington and surrounding areas.

Plans for the renovation and expansion of Bowmanville Hospital were first announced in 2018. The updated and larger hospital will feature a larger, modern emergency department, expanded inpatient units, state-of-the art diagnostic imaging services, among other services that will be confirmed in the upcoming planning process.

The Bowmanville Hospital redevelopment is part of a larger regional plan to build the health care system to meet the growing and changing needs of people living and working in Durham Region. With the population expected to double over the next 20 years, creating an integrated health system including expanding hospital capacity, will be critical to ensure people have access to those services they need close to home.

Bowmanville Hospital is a fully accredited hospital, servicing the Municipality of Clarington. It is run by Lakeridge Health and is part of the Central East Local Health Integration Network.


“On behalf of the Region of Durham, we are thrilled to be investing $37.5 million in the Bowmanville Hospital Redevelopment through our Community Investment Grant Program. Lakeridge Health and the Bowmanville Hospital are integral community partners in Durham Region. The work they do to ensure the health and safety of our community is crucial. Look no further than this past year, and you will understand just how important our health care partners are. That is why it is our distinct pleasure to help fund this vital redevelopment, ensuring that the community continues to receive access to high-quality health care services well into the future.” – John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer for the Region of Durham

“This is exciting news for the Durham Region community. This funding means we are one step closer to the Bowmanville Hospital redevelopment becoming a reality. For our communities, this project will not only result in more accessible health care services in high-growth areas, but also will be critical to ensuring a strong, regional health care system for generations to come.” – Cynthia Davis, President and CEO, Lakeridge Health

“This is a remarkable investment from the Region of Durham to the redevelopment project for Bowmanville Hospital. I am inspired by this partnership and by the Region’s commitment to the health and well-being of people and communities across Clarington and beyond. This is another step forward for the campaign as this commitment will inspire and motivate others in their support of the project. There’s no turning back; we are well on our way to having a new, innovative health care facility in Clarington.” – Kirk Kemp, Campaign Chair of the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation’s We Care We Can campaign

“I want to express my sincere thanks to our regional partners for contributing significant funding dollars to the Bowmanville Hospital redevelopment and expansion. The future of healthcare in Clarington and Durham Region relies on all partners to make investments that will lead to an amazing facility, which will serve our community and provide excellent care.” – Adrian Foster, Mayor of Clarington

“Durham is one of the fastest growing regions in Ontario and the Bowmanville Hospital had its last major expansion over 30 years ago. In order to bring an end to hallway health care in Durham, we need to modernize our community hospital in Bowmanville. I want to thank the Region of Durham for their major contribution to the Bowmanville Hospital redevelopment and expansion project. Let’s keep the momentum going!” – Lindsey Park, Member of Provincial Parliament, Durham


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