Smart IV Infusion Pumps

One of the most iconic pieces of hospital equipment is the IV pole.  IV's or "intravenous" is what doctors and nurses use to give patients fluids, medicine, or blood products through a vein.

To do this, IV poles include infusion pumps. These pumps contain the technology to dispense various medications to treat dehydration, infection or pain, and even to replace blood cells.

Lakeridge Health Oshawa and Whitby's current IV infusion pumps are used in almost every department and are at the end of their lifespan. They need to be replaced with updated technology in order to maximize safety for patients.

Today, new smart IV infusion pumps have the capability to:

  • Use Wi-Fi to download the names and safe dosages of all drugs that can be given intravenously.
  • Keep patients safe through pre-programmed limits that prevent infusing too much or too little medication.
  • Use Wi-Fi to upload reports that tell hospitals how well nurses and other programmers are using the pumps.

Patients have peace of mind knowing that modern day smart pumps have upgraded technology to provide the best care possible.

In total, Oshawa and Whitby hospitals need almost 700 new pumps, each costing $5,000. You can help us reach our goal by donating to our High Priority fund today! Click here to make a gift.

                         Smart IV Infusion Pump