Lakeridge Health Radiologists Give Back to Local Health Care


Giving Back Has Never Been So Sweet for Lakeridge Health Radiologists!

Wednesday, December 12 marked a special day for Lakeridge Health Radiologists as all of our Foundations said thanks with a surprise delivery of custom made cookies.

Four years ago, Lakeridge Health Radiologists joined forces and made a generous donation of $150,000 to all Hospital sites (pre Ajax Pickering merger). The Foundations are honoured to announce that the pledge is complete, and would like to thank the Radiologists for not only providing exceptional care, but for their generosity as well.

As directed by the Radiologists, the donated funds were allocated to various needs across Lakeridge Health, including:

  • $30,000 to the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation to be used toward the purchase of a new CT scanner
  • $15,000 to the Port Perry Hospital Foundation to support much needed renovations
  • $105,000 to Lakeridge Health Foundation toward the new interventional radiology suite renovation

“Recognizing the completion of this pledge is a very special milestone,” says Frank Cerisano, CEO of Bowmanville Hospital Foundation. “The new CT scanner in Bowmanville helped us significantly increase our patient volumes and provide the most state-of-the-art imaging for diagnosis and treatment. We’re very happy to be celebrating our generous physicians this time of year.”

Thank You Cookies

 “We’re very thankful for the support the Radiology team provided us,” explains Rachel Agnoluzzi, CEO of Port Perry Hospital Foundation. “Many members of our community rely on the skills and technology our Radiologists provide, and having these funds to make the much needed renovations made a big difference for patients in Port Perry.”

Lakeridge Health Radiologists play a critical role in the health care system by using multiple types of diagnostic tools to diagnose and treat diseases within the body. Countless patients have been touched by the Radiologists expertise and compassion, which often provide life changing experiences.

 “We’re extremely grateful for the work our radiologists do on a daily basis. Their passion for providing high-quality patient care, combined with their generous gift is truly remarkable.  We are very fortunate to have physicians that are not only dedicated to giving the best care, but for giving back too,” said Yves Gadler, CEO of Lakeridge Health Foundation.

Although the gift was made before Ajax Pickering Hospital merged with Lakeridge Health, their Radiologists have always been generous donors as well, including a $500,000 gift made to the Image is Everything campaign.

Image is Everything for the Radiologists at Ajax Pickering Hospital as they see the magnificence of the human body that lies beneath the skin in our veins, tissues, bones and organs. Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation is proud to count these doctors as generous donors to our hospital, and as leaders in ensuring that all our patients always receive the best health care possible, today and tomorrow.”

Departments throughout the Hospital rely on Radiologists to assist with diagnosis, treatment and prevention. That’s why it was important for the Radiologist’s donation to support all areas of Lakeridge Health. “This donation was made by thirteen of our Radiologists and we all felt strongly about supporting the priorities of each site, beyond our own department,” says Dr. Gus Dotsikas, Chief and Medical Director of Diagnostic Imaging and Regional Cancer Imaging Lead for the Central East Regional Cancer Program. “When we announced the gift we hoped it would prompt other members of our Lakeridge Health family to get involved – make a donation or attend Foundation events. I’ve seen this come to fruition and I know our group will continue to support the Hospital in the future as well.”

On behalf of all four Foundations, patients and staff - thank you Lakeridge Health Radiologists for your support!