Kidney and Diabetes Care Program

Nurse helping patient with in-hospital dialysis

Dialysis: a life saving treatment for Durham Residents

Over the next three years, Lakeridge Health needs to replace 87 dialysis machines, beginning with the oldest first.  Each machine carries a price tag of $25,000 for a total replacement cost of $2.175 million. To date, 66 dialysis machines have been purchased thanks to generous donations from our community. Please help us fulfill our goal, support our Dialysis Equipment Campaign today!

Fifty years ago, kidney disease usually meant certain death.  Not true today.  Due in large part to kidney dialysis (a life-support treatment), kidney failure is manageable.  On dialysis, patients can lead quality lives for decades to come. 

Lakeridge Health is always looking to improve quality of life for its patients. One of the best ways to do this is to give kidney-care patients access to the best dialysis machines. New machines will use the latest technology to provide the most efficient kidney replacement therapy available today. By donating to Lakeridge Health's Kidney and Diabetes Care Program, you are helping purchase these new dialysis machines.

To find out how your donation can impact patients at Lakeridge Health watch the video below or ready the inspiring story of John Mash